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Must Read: If you are going through a foreclosure or know someone that is facing that hardship, then this is a must-read article at The article is about how bankers are still not looking at the paperwork before foreclosing on homes! Always demand to see the paperwork and verify it is legal. 

Drought:  Over at it clearly shows that Texas is still struggling with water issues.  A good portion of New Mexico is also suffering from the Summer heat. This is a good time to remember NOT to water your lawn. It is perfectly natural to let the grass turn brown, and it’ll come back with the rain.

Survival skills is conducting a four-day wilderness Survival training, going on August 4-7. If you want to spend less money or only have a few hours, they have 3 hour “taster” courses.

Lesson Learned or Not:  Robert Wible wrote a good article about lessons that were still not learned by government officials after traumatic events. Go to  for the full story.  We need to start being proactive after these events instead of being in constant reactive mode.

Solar Activity: This comes directly from “Sunspot 1261 has a “beta-gamma-delta” magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares

Time to kill: If you find yourself bored or have time on your hands, swing by The article, “Fire Brings Communities Together and Increases Trust in Government” talks about how communities set aside the distrust of local government in times of need.

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