What’s Going On


Blog: For those of you who love Twitter, but struggle to find the hashtags to use for emergency preparedness, then read Urban Areas blog for a current list of hashtags. Red Cross talks about some of the issues surrounding not having a preparedness kit.

Software: Seattle now has a software tool that allows them to understand the damages from disasters. Check out Seattle Pi’s story,”Free FEMA program models catastrophic disaster.” Continue reading

Too Close for Comfort

“’Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

– Stealers Wheel, Stuck in the Middle

Here’s a quick, down and dirty, lesson on surviving riots. For more detailed information, I would highly encourage you to visit the websites listed down below. I am trying to keep this simple, so if your adrenaline is taking off, at least you might remember some simple tips.

1)    Don’t get yourself in the situation to begin with. Could the rally you’re attending get out of control?  How about the soccer match? Think events through before attending them.

2)    Be mindful of your surroundings. If you’re already at an event and you see a group starting to gather, pick up your things and start walking away. Joining the group to see what’s going on can easily get you entwined in it if it starts to get out of control. Continue reading

News Flash


Lost and Found: Missing Oregon woman was found alive after being lost in the woods. After falling off a cliff the woman remained alive by eating anything she could and covering herself with moss. Check out the YouTube video on my site on how to make a shelter in the woods.

Solar Acitivity: The Sun has been on a roll. Three days in a row of coronal mass eruptions, and according to spaceweather.com, “Sunspots 1261 and 1263 pose a continued threat for x-class solar flares.” Continue reading

Keep it Local


Blog: Find out what the Red Cross is doing around the world on their blog page. Oregon Emergency Management’s page has a great post about, “12 reasons to take time off.” Number five is my favorite reason :)

Forum: Pdxprepared.com has a set up for a forum for discussions on preparedness issues. So grab your CERT buddies, and chat away.

Local SuppliesPortland Prepared Store is located on 72nd and Glisan. The website shows a wide range of items. Continue reading