News Flash


Preparedness: September is National Preparedness month. This is good time for you to check your emergency kit to make sure everything is up date.  Check out 30 days 30 ways Facebook page for simple, easy ways to prepare. Join me on National Preparedness group, and connect with people across the nation.

Solar ActivitySpace Weather reports the following activity: “This morning [September 6] at 0150 UT, sunspot 1283 produced an M5.3-class solar flare…Because of the sunspot’s central location on the solar disk, the eruption was Earth-directed and a CME might be heading our way.”  Update:  The same sunspot produced an X.2 flare less than 24 hours later, both are earth directed!!

Earthquakes: This has not been a quiet month so far, according to the  There was a 6.6 in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Tonga felt a harmless 6.3 off their coast. The strongest earthquake this month belongs to Aleutian Islands in Alaska, with a strong 7.1. I would highly recommend you visit The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network website for information on unusual activity for the NW region of Washington. There is no need to be alarmed, but the information will be important if there is more unusual activity in the future.

Fires:  Texas is still dealing with the several intense fires.  Oregon firefighters are still battling the Dollar Lake Fire near Mt. Hood, which is closing in on a few miles away from the Bull Run reservoir.  Another fire to keep an eye on is the High Cascades Complex near Warm Springs. That fire has consumed roughly 106,697 acres, with 70% containment.    The Shadow Lake fire near Mt. Washington has claimed 4,610 acres so far.

Financial: The issue of false signatures on mortgages may go back to 1998. The Washington Post covers the story in, “Widespread robo-signing of mortgage documents found as far back as 1998 could haunt owners.”  Stop by for more great articles about our current economic situation.