The Elements of Life

Earth:  Mother Nature has provided for man for thousands of years.  In times of great distress and the shelves are empty don’t despair.  There are other ways to eat and find water.  It’s true that if you are in a city it becomes much more difficult to survive, but don’t give up hope.  Research now about the plants in your area. There are bugs everywhere to be found. Pine needles steeped in hot in water can make a nutritious tea.  If you live out in the country I don’t want to hear you whine at all.  Make the effort, find the resources. Continue reading

Look Inside Yourself Grasshopper

We use visualization for a wide range of reasons.  Basketball players use visualization to improve shooting hoops better.  Actors use it to connect with their characters. I could go on…but you get the picture.  Visualization is part of human nature and below I will touch upon some methods of how we can connect to that amazing resource.

Tricks of the trade: Here is a trick I learned from “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins.  You can laugh, but it is actually a really good book.  Picture someone that has annoyed you lately.  Is it your boss, co-worker, loved one. Now manipulate the picture in your mind. If it is a man, have them wear a ballerina outfit.  If it is a woman, give them a beard.  Now hear them talk, and raise or lower their voice. Give yourself a good three minutes to settle in and explore this exercise. If everything went according to plan, that should put a smile on your face.  Continue reading

Laugh, You SOB

My God, this disaster thing is depressing.  Really, how many ways can a man bite it?   How cool would it be if Godzilla was a real threat, like every thousand years or so, he comes up, eats some people, breaks some stuff and then goes back into a black hole?  We would have to write emergency preparedness articles on the dangers of Godzilla. Continue reading