News Flash


Solar activity: There are two major events happening on the sun. One, there is a very large prominence on the sun.  Two, dark filament of magnetism is winding halfway around the entire sun. I am unaware of the effects this will have on the earth.  I will keep my eye on the situation. I will report back to you if there are any negative effects from the collapse of these structures. This information comes from

Cyber-attack:  Attacks on our computer systems are not reported on that often.  It’s easy to focus on preparing for natural disasters, but what about technology disasters? Our infrastructure is not bullet proof. I will leave the Wall Street Journal article up in the “News Section”, it is a great article about this threat. The Tech Herald talks about home grown hackers breaking into business computer systems, and taking sensitive files. Continue reading

I Got Your Back


Hello, my name is Reflection.  I would like a moment of your time to talk about what I can do for you.  I am everywhere you travel, day or night, but you may still not pay attention to me.  Don’t worry, I understand. You’re a busy person with a lot on your mind. But if you give me a moment I can enhance your life. If you pay attention you may see me in everyday objects.  I provide you with eyes in the back of your head and greater awareness of your environment.  I am about to give you some reason why I’m a good thing to pay attention to. Continue reading