Volunteers Wanted: Hospital Exercise


Providence Hospital Exercises – volunteer victims and moulage artists needed!

Another great opportunity for practice from our partners at Providence.  Plan to arrive 2 hours PRIOR to the start of each exercise – Even with 4 of us last time – it took us the entire 2 hours to get all the victims – looking hurt :)  per Sandi Olsabeck

Like to scream, moan, complain and be difficult?

Do we have a job for you!

                                             Voluntary Victims are needed!!

You can help save lives.  Your presence at training drills increases the level of realism for emergency responders.  This in turn creates an exercise that offers many of the same stressors and life like elements of a true emergency without the life threatening repercussions.

Who can be a Volunteer Victim?

Anyone of any age who has read the guidelines and signs an agreement (or obtains a signature from their parent or guardian if under 18).

 Make sure you wear clothes that can get stained, damaged and wet.  In addition, wear appropriate clothes under these such as a swimsuit to ensure you are most comfortable.  You may be seen in only the under layer of clothing!

Lunch will be provided for all volunteers! Continue reading

Snap Shot: Water


Water is the source of life. But some are at loss about the details of storing, purify, and finding water.  The purpose of this post is to give you a quick overview of water.  In times when the power is out or other times of emergencies you may not have the luxury of remembering all of the information associated with water.  It is my hope, that you will remember some simple solutions.


How much water does a person need?

For food and hydration needs, you will need one gallon per person per day.  This may go up or down depending on how humid your environment and activity level is.  http://www.fema.gov/plan/prepare/water.shtm 

Where to find water

Going to the store is the obvious place to look for water, but what if they are sold out.  If you have the chance, fill up your bath tub with water.  Don’t ADD Bleach to the tube.  This water is for multiple reasons, not all of them drinking. 

In extreme needs you can use the water from your water heater.  Click here for a great step by step article how to utilize your water heater. 

Here is my personal favorite method for getting extra water.  Instill a water barrel to your drainage spout. We have a 25 gallon container; it filled up in one day!!  It takes up no extra room in the garage. And you can use it to water your garden.

Note:  Streams are not safe to drink from.  You must purify the water.  Continue reading

Program Specialist – Neighborhood Emergency Teams


Portland Emergency Management has a job opening for NET Program Specialist.

Here are some details from their post:

  • “The NET Program Specialist is responsible for recruiting, training, managing and motivating NET volunteers and activities in coordination with local emergency response plans and National Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) curriculum.”
  • “Plans and conducts program outreach; develops information, outreach and educational materials including brochures, handbooks and other guidance documents; organizes NET participation in planned events including planning and carrying out event/activity logistical arrangements.”
  • “Serves as PBEM Duty Officer on a rotating basis, which involves monitoring emergency situations, maintaining communication with government officials and the public, as well as activating the City’s Emergency Coordination Center as necessary.” Continue reading

Resilience Expo Review


On June 2, 2012 Resilience PDX had their first emergency preparedness expo.  I will give a quick background for those that don’t know.  A gentleman by the name of Arif Khan ,who manages disaster relief overseas, thought it would be a great idea to bring different people/resources together.  If you would like to learn more about the different organizations and people that helped bring this together I would invite you to visit their about page. There were a multitude of areas a person could visit.  This article is focused on the classes I attended.

10:00am to 11:00am:  They opened the event with a Key speaker; State Representative Lew Frederick.  He talked about his connection to this neighborhood and living only 8 blocks away.  He knew firsthand the devastation that comes from an unprepared community.  He had a family home in New Orleans that was washed away during the levee break. His son lived through the Japanese quake; he told us that his son could feel the shaking from Tokyo.  He talked about the concerns that are schools are not ready for the “big one.”  He suggested that we start communicating with our neighbors, visiting beauty salons, and at the very least try to get prepared once a week or month.  Continue reading

June and July Training


Below you will find a wide range of excellent training opportunities.  These are all low to no cost training.  This is NOT a complete list.  Please go to my training/resource page for a complete list. 

Do you know of training that is not on the list? Please send me an email at preparepdx@nullgmail.com.  If possible include a link to the original source of information.  I do not post classes that are over $40.00 dollars. 

I am trying to get the word out about PreparePDX, so if you attend a class please let them know you saw it on my website. 

Thank you.

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