Weeds and Rice


A weed in its simplest terms is an S.O.B plant you can’t seem to get rid of.  Your grass is dead and that dang dandelion is still living.  But I believe, once you finish reading my article, you may have a change of heart.

I remember a couple of years ago I would come home and see dandelions growing in my front yard.  Like most Americans I would think, “These damn things will not go away.”  I would pull them and wait until they came around again, then the battle would start all over.  Then about a year ago, my fiancé said, “Did you know that you can eat dandelions? You can even make wine out of them.”  That was the first time in my life I ever realized that weeds may not be 100% worthless.

In the last year of researching gardening, I have learned more about weeds.  I am proud to say I have learned to love them.  They are amazingly resilient to their environment. They are used throughout the world for herbal remedies.  They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Hopefully, I have shifted your mind away from weeds being horrible plants so I can now delve into the main reason I wrote this article.  This simple, yet powerful idea entered my mind: How could I increase my emergency supply food and keep costs (space) down?

Here you go… Weeds and rice and/or beans very well could be the answer.  Weeds grow with very little effort and it is cheap to get the seeds. Rice and beans are hands-down some of the cheapest items to buy in bulk.  If you’re a low income family, or just like to try to cut costs, this could be an outstanding way to eat great, nutritious food for cheap.  Continue reading

Snap shot: Shelter


Shelter varies from the place we call home; to the inside of a doorway on a cold raining night.  People spend more on their shelter, than others make in a lifetime.  When it comes to disasters/emergencies we need to be able to adapt or die. I  will walk you through the levels of shelter to help you understand the concept that it is more than meets the eye.

You mind is the first tool you will use in finding/building shelter.  How strong is your will to live?  How do you deal with cold and hot weather? Do you understand the environment you are in at the time of the situtation? Have you ever watched videos on how to make shelter?  Have you made a shelter before? 

In the right environment all of this questions could be mean the difference between life and death.

Next, the colthes you wear will be of great importance.  How many people went out for a stroll and assumed they would not need anything else.  How many of those people died?  If your lost and it’s dark, try to find leaves or anything of value you can stick in your shirt. In a pinch it will add extra layers. Continue reading