Episode 5: What’s Going On


Running Time: 23:35

Today’s podcast I talk about the following articles and videos. I share with you so of my thoughts on the topics. I hope you Enjoy!

Disaster Song by MC Frontalot

Snap shot: Just Breathe


You’re having “one of those days”, the kind of day when it would have been better to stay in bed, turn off the phone and blissfully hideaway from the world.  But you didn’t, there are kids to feed, and money to make.  You fight traffic to get to a job, where you do the work of three people for a boss that doesn’t appreciate you.

Or it is much simpler than that and you just need a moment to release some stress in your life.

So what happens when the adrenaline kicks in? In the simplest of terms, the blood starts flowing. The important factor is that the blood leaves the brain, and you tap into a more primal thinking.  And you lose the ability to make strong calculated decisions. Continue reading

Episode 4: Gratitude


Running time: 20:31

This podcast is focused on the things and people I am thankful for.

So often we are in a rush.  We hurry to work, only to hurry to home.  The weeks fly by like days. But there are times when it is important to stop—take a minute and just be thankful for what we have in this world.

  • Please click here for a YouTube video of an amazing gentleman.
  • Don’t miss the song at the end of the podcast.  Kopecky Family Band was kind enough to allow me to use their wonderful song, “Disaster.


Disaster News for November 1-14th: Podcast 3


Overview of Podcast 3:  Disaster News

Local News:


Solar Activity


World Wide News:

Weird but True


New Meetup Group: Survival Moms of PDX


Below is a description of the group:

“This is a women’s group for discussion and preparing action plans for what I like to call “everyday preparedness” or “practical preparedness”. Any ladies are welcome (you don’t need to be a mom). No experience? No problem! Discussion topics will be similar to those found in CERT training, and books like “Just In Case” by Kathy Harrison, and “Survival Mom” by Lisa Bedford. We will not be debating or discussing the likelihood of doomsday scenarios. Example topics for discussion are: water storage, once a month cooking, DIY home repairs, fire safety, car kits, prepping with children, etc.”

Click here for direct link.