End of the World!


I wanted to embrace the whole, “December 21st, end of the world.”  The best way I thought of was to post my favorite disaster songs.  Advance apologies, if the end of the world does come :) 



MC Frontalot:    Disaster

Act II. Molten lava is chasing them around.

Big blue bolts of lightning spring up from underground.

But our hero and his team have some hope for a cure:

“If we can just get this crew into the center of the earth,

We can install a nuclear device then detonate it.

My findings indicate that this will stave off devastation.”

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Episode 7: Active Shooter– Clackamas Town Center Mall


Running Time: 38:22

Today I will talk about the Shooter event that took place in Portland, Oregon on 12/11/2012. I will share some of my thoughts on the situation.  Click here for a link to the facebook page for Clackamas Families

Shop local

What happened that day.

Close to home:  co-workers, past workers, friends and my little sister

What do you do

Yahoo News.

Prepare your mind

  • Girl sees man in mask, and too shy to tell mother.
  • One thought it was gag
  • It can’t happen here.

Check your instincts

  • Gut feeling


Find shelter, run away


Deep slow breathes


FEMA active shooter

run hide fight   Must See Video

Active shooter by Ben from Modern Self Protection

Please take a moment and send your prayers and thoughts to the family and friends of those that were killed:

Steven Mathew Forsyth of West Linn

 Cindy Ann Yuille of Portland


New Group on Google plus: Portland Being Prepared


I just created a new group on google plus called “Portland Being Prepared.”

Share your ideas, projects, classes on being prepared in Portland, Oregon. If your interests are emergency preparedness, prepping or resilience then this is the place for you.

You can upload video’s, importland links, or post to the calender up coming classes.

Episode 6: What’s the buzz, tell me what’s happening?


Running Time: 27:19

Today I go over the following topics:

Additional Resources

  1. Kopecky Family Band — December 11th –Portland — Star Theater  click here for a sample of songs
  2. Disaster” by Mc Frontalot
  3. 3 minute news by Suspicious0bservers