To build, or not to build?


Karen-pic-for-Independence-GardensIt is with great pleasure that I welcome back Karen from Independence Gardens PDX. This is Karen’s third article with us.  Karen’s past articles were, “Getting the feel of a garden” and “Prepping your garden and gardening prepared.”  Please visit Independence Gardens PDX if you have questions or need guidance on gardening.  Enjoy!


That IS the question—especially at this time of the year, when dedicated gardeners are planning for spring  and getting their spaces ready for upcoming planting! And the answer? Well, it depends.

Growing your own food doesn’t require any specific infrastructure. In order to grow, plants need the right amount of sun and water, fertile soil, and to be sown at the right time. If they’re given the right environmental conditions and left to their own devices, they might even bear something that we’d like to eat. But for our gardens to reach maximum productivity, they need to be accessible to us and also provide ideal conditions for plants to grow the right parts—roots, shoots, stems, leaves, buds, flowers, and/or fruits—for us to enjoy. And that’s where infrastructure comes in. Continue reading

Help Stop GM Canola in Oregon’s Willamette Valley


oregon-wineHello my friends.  I have never posted an article word for word, but this time I have to make an exception. Also, I have never asked you to call or write in protest.  Well today I do.  Oregon Department of Agriculture was told by the local community to NOT allow GM Canola in their area.  But the DOA has refused to listen.  Below is an article I read on “The Permaculture Institute of Australia.”  Continue reading

Episode 8: Stories and Information of 2013


winter-storm-preparednessrunning time: 28:30

Segments:  Groups

  • Trackers PDX club—$10.00 per session:  I signed up and looking forward to attending the class
  • New Group on called ” I Survived The Apocalypse. . . and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!” Low key, informal group learning skills.


  • Portland police have released the numbers for 2012, let’s see how my neighborhood did.


 Electronic pulse:

The economic collapse had a good article about EMP event.  Society is fragile; let’s make sure we are not.   Arizona event, people were freaking out.

  • Government knows, but does little to prevent it.
  • We just don’t know.  No large scale tests of a nuke EMP.
  • Carrington event will happen again. 
  • Have old, old school books about things were done in the 1800’s



Strange but true:

  • The loud booms are back.  Tri state Indiana—no earthquake, plane,  or bombs.  Mysteries that are forgotten are not solved mysteries.

Training—CERT in Hillsboro

Disaster Song by Mc Frontalot