Episode 9: Interview with Leslie from Good to Go Survival and Prep

shelterRunning Time: 40:53

Today I have my first professional interview with my friend Leslie from “Go Good To Go Survival & Prep” We briefly touch upon four topics.



  • What is an assault rife?
  • Why do we need an assault rife for deer hunting?
  • Bring a friend to the range


  •  Where do you get your seeds?

J. Bradbury — Here are some places I have bought my seeds:Under Wood Gardens and High Mowing Seeds

  •  Do you need 5 acres to grow food?
  •  Seed exchange: keep the variety going

Gardening Resources

Lasagna garden

Growing your Greens.com

Larry Hall


  •  Do you prefer Gold over Silver?
  • Look to Cooper for good deal

j.bradbury: where I bought my silver– Jim Bullion

Mint runs out of Silver the first two weeks of the year!

Chill out dude:

  • Gaming, breathing, stepping away or prepping. What relaxes you?

Leslie’s food storage video

Disaster by Mc Frontalot

2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Interview with Leslie from Good to Go Survival and Prep

  1. I would like to thank Jay for giving me the opportunity to discuss these very important issues with his listeners. He did an outstanding job in his ‘first time’ role as an interviewer. It takes a lot of courage to step out of your comfort zone, well done sir!

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