About Me

Thank you for stopping by my new adventure! This is my first attempt at creating and maintaining a website. Sorry, no Bear Grylls expert here, but I do have a passion and focus for disaster preparedness education.

Background:I have lived in California, Washington, Arizona, and Virginia and now reside in Portland, Oregon. I am a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard. I earned my B.S. in psychology.  I hold the full series of certificates for the Incident Command Structure and many FEMA Certificates. I was a past Community Emergency Response Team member. I hold a license to use a HAM radio. I have volunteered for multiple Emergency Managers. And I am currently working in Security.

Why the website: There is a need that is not being filled. How do we survival and thrive when we are involved in a disaster? What if we did not create a 72–hour kit? What are some techniques to control our stress? These are just few,among hundreds of questions we ask ourselves.

Main objectives: There are two main objectives for creating the webpage. One: to write about how to mentally and physically prepare oneself for living through a disaster. Two: to report on all of the training classes that are available in the Portland-Metro area. This is not the time for you to search high and low looking for training. I am going to push forward and make this the primary website for information on training in the Portland and greater areas.

What you can look for in the future: Articles written by yours truly. Also, to have articles written by a wide range of people on the subject of Disaster preparedness.