Starting Small Backyard Garden 101, Ideas, Growing Your Own Food (Interview)




Ken from “The Clever Survivalist” interviews me about small scale gardening.  We talk about some of my success and failures, not only at home, but out at my secondary location for gardening.  We also talk about some great resources to watch to learn how to utilize your space.  This is a great episode for apartment dwellers and those with limited land.

Click here for the episode.  And if you enjoyed it, please let Ken know in the comment section.

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Colorful vegetables and fruits

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Freezing Vegetables From Your Garden

It’s the heart of summer and the abundance of ripe goodies in your garden means your eye may be on food preservation. Use these great tips for freezing vegetables to turn your garden harvests into delicious, off-season meals.


Organic Pest Control: What Works, What Doesn’t

Dealing with an infestation? Our nationwide reader survey reveals the best methods for managing common garden pests


Self-Seeding Crops You’ll Never Need to Replant

Some crops “seed” themselves, which means less work for you and money saved on seeds. Learn to manage several hardy self-seeders in your garden


How to Make Aerated Compost Tea

Compost tea allows you to amplify a small amount of compost into a dispersible liquid form, helping a little compost go a lot further.


Locally Sourced Homemade Greenhouse

Rough-cut lumber from a local sawmill and recycled windows can be used to construct a DIY greenhouse.


A Glossary of Plant Disease

Plant fungus and vegetable disease can decimate a garden. Gardeners should be aware of ways to prevent and fight these ailments that can affect their crops.


Does my Tree need a partner?


tree2As part of my garden project out in Sandy, I decided to plant grapes, kiwi, fig and blueberries. You would think a researcher would research the major buys that I did. Not this time, I had the idiot idea that the sticker at the nursery would tell me everything thing I needed to know. That was my mistake not to do my own homework. Thank God my wife stepped in and asked simple questions. Are you sure X,Y, Z does not need a counterpart. My lame reply was, “it didn’t say it on the sticker.”

I need to fill you in on what happened to us last year. My wife bought a Tomatillo plant, we watched as it turned into a beautiful plant. We watched as the flowers started to show, and kept watching the beautiful flowers. We asked ourselves why in the heck isn’t bearing fruit. My wife’s answer after researching it, “crap we needed another plant for cross pollination. “

Fast forward to last weekend, the lesson had not reached my noggin. We found out, and it wasn’t that bad of a mess up. Just need to do my homework before I get to crazy into buying plants. Hence, this is the reason for the article. Below will be a series of plants and short answer to if they need a partner.


Kiwi tree:  The type that I bought does require a male and female to produce fruit. Continue reading