Ways to Motivate Yourself Forward



Have you ever had one of those days where your energy level is low? Where leaving the house seems like a huge feat. I am not talking about people suffering from depression or feeling sick. Just the kind of day where you want to be a “lump on a log.”

I had that kind of day yesterday. I just went with it and enjoyed the ride  But sometimes you have work, meeting or project to finish. Here are some ways to try and get you moving again.

Rest: The first step is a good night’s rest. For some of us, it is nearly impossible because of work schedules. It’s hard to get motivated on 4 hours of sleep. Stepping away from the gadgets an hour or ½ hour to bed will help.

Water: We are mostly made of water, and we suffer if we don’t drink enough. So, make sure that this is taken care of. I use mint drops or oils to enhance the taste of the water. I bought a filter system (berkey) and the water tastes much better. Use whatever method you need to make sure drinking water is enjoyable and not a difficult.

Exercise: This is a straight forward one for most of us. I tried exercise a couple of days ago to wake up. I did about 25 jumping jacks, and that did the trick. It feels good to get the blood flowing.

Music: Turn of the tunes and go with the flow. I have turned on Pandora music and selected “Red Hot Chile Peppers.” Let the music motivate you.

Smells: I have never tried smells to energize myself. But I could see where it could get you moving once more. The linked article talks about five smells to wake you up. Oranges, peppermint, lemons, eucalyptus, and grapefruit. Click here for a full description

Below are other articles or websites that may help you. I highly recommend Pyschtronics; they have a lot of great information on psychology.

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Thank You to the Fallen Soldiers




Thank you to all the men and women that gave their lives during the Revolutionary War. To those that faced an overwhelming force and would not retreat. To those that died knowing they would never know if the war would be won. To the men who huddled in the cold night of winter, when hope was lost. When even congress would not supply them the goods they needed. They had the strength to pick themselves up and move forward with a free America. Your death has not been forgotten!

Thank you to all the men and women that served during the First World War. A war so horrible, no one thought it would ever be repeated. Thank you to the men in the ditches, feet rotting away from the water, who stayed and fought. How many children lost their fathers during that time?

Thank you to all the men and women that served during the Second World War. I believe this was the last greatest evil on earth. My grandfather was an ambulance drive in Italy and Europe. If he had died, you would have not been reading these words. My father was not born until after he returned. These men gave their lives so the cancer of evil would not spread and consume us all. Thank you to all the men who knew they faced certain death, and kept on going. Thank you to the Women who kept it all together, while dealing with the fear of receiving “The Letter.” Continue reading

Visual Learning


To reduce space on my website, I have decided to round up all of the videos I have posted last year and put them here. If you find yourself on a plane, train or automobile, I hope you remember this post.  There are well over 100 hours of videos!!  If there is a video subject you would like to see on the website, please let me know. 


Bear Grllys Video

Bear Grylls Worst Case Scenario—Physical attack

Bear Grylls Worst Case Scenario—Brakes out 

Bear Grylls  Worst Case Scenario – Earthquake 

Bear Grylls Worst Case Scenario:  Downed Power lines Continue reading