“Get Ready for Anything: Before and After a Disaster”




VIA:  Get Ready for Anything

“Get Ready for Anything: Before and After a Disaster” is a free workshop series scheduled for April and May in the Sellwood-Moreland, Woodstock, and Brentwood-Darlington neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon. Falling so near to the March 11 second anniversary of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, the series reminds us that the offshore Cascadia Subduction Zone threatens Oregon with a similarly disastrous event. The need to get ready is clear.

Workshop #1: Make a Plan & Build a Kit
The first workshop, “Make a Plan & Build a Kit,” will teach you how to create a family emergency plan, including communications, getting everybody back together, and planning for children, pets and household members with special needs. It will also show you how to assemble an affordable emergency kit, including simple solutions for emergency sanitation. This workshop will be repeated three times on the following dates and at the following locations…

  • Saturday April 5 — 2 to 5 pm
    Brentwood-Darlington Community Center, 7211 SE 62nd Ave.
  • Sunday April 13 — 2 to 5 pm,
    Moreland Presbyterian Church, 1814 SE Bybee Blvd.
  • Saturday May 3 — 2 to 5 pm
    Trinity United Methodist Church, 3915 SE Steele St.

Workshop #2: Help Friends & Neighbors Get Prepared
In a major disaster, you and your neighbors will be each other’s closest source of help. “Help Friends & Neighbors Get Prepared,” the second workshop, shows you how to engage neighbors in getting their households ready, and how to organize to help each other after a disaster. Also, you’ll learn about Neighborhood Emergency Teams and, if being a volunteer first responder appeals to you, how to become a NET member. Also much needed are ham radio operators who can provide vital communication links. This workshop will be repeated three times on the following dates and at the following locations…

  • Wednesday April 30 — 6:30 to 9 pm
    Service Employees International Union, 6401 SE Foster Rd.
  • Tuesday May 13 — 6:30 to 9 pm
    SMILE Station, 8210 SE 13th Ave.
  • Tuesday May 20 — 6:30 to 9 pm
    Reedwood Friends Church, 2901 SE Steele St.

Workshop #3: Secure Your Home Against Disaster
The last workshop, “Secure Your Home Against Disaster,” will address the safety of your living environment, with important information for both renters and homeowners. Speakers will cover fire safety and other non-earthquake hazards; non-structural measures for renters and homeowners to protect against earthquakes; and seismic upgrades for homeowners. This workshop will only be featured once, so don’t miss it!

  • Saturday May 31 — 2 to 4:30 pm
    Trinity United Methodist Church, 3915 SE Steele St.

Clackamas Fire Looking for Volunteers



Clackamas Fire District #1

Your Friend For Life

Clackamas Fire District #1 and local emergency responders will be participating in a region-wide disaster drill. We are currently seeking volunteers to act as victims. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

This is an exciting opportunity to see the action up close! Your participation will add greatly to the realism of the event and will provide a valuable training opportunity to local emergency responders. Continue reading

Volunteers Wanted: Hospital Exercise


Providence Hospital Exercises – volunteer victims and moulage artists needed!

Another great opportunity for practice from our partners at Providence.  Plan to arrive 2 hours PRIOR to the start of each exercise – Even with 4 of us last time – it took us the entire 2 hours to get all the victims – looking hurt :)  per Sandi Olsabeck

Like to scream, moan, complain and be difficult?

Do we have a job for you!

                                             Voluntary Victims are needed!!

You can help save lives.  Your presence at training drills increases the level of realism for emergency responders.  This in turn creates an exercise that offers many of the same stressors and life like elements of a true emergency without the life threatening repercussions.

Who can be a Volunteer Victim?

Anyone of any age who has read the guidelines and signs an agreement (or obtains a signature from their parent or guardian if under 18).

 Make sure you wear clothes that can get stained, damaged and wet.  In addition, wear appropriate clothes under these such as a swimsuit to ensure you are most comfortable.  You may be seen in only the under layer of clothing!

Lunch will be provided for all volunteers! Continue reading

Resilience Expo Review


On June 2, 2012 Resilience PDX had their first emergency preparedness expo.  I will give a quick background for those that don’t know.  A gentleman by the name of Arif Khan ,who manages disaster relief overseas, thought it would be a great idea to bring different people/resources together.  If you would like to learn more about the different organizations and people that helped bring this together I would invite you to visit their about page. There were a multitude of areas a person could visit.  This article is focused on the classes I attended.

10:00am to 11:00am:  They opened the event with a Key speaker; State Representative Lew Frederick.  He talked about his connection to this neighborhood and living only 8 blocks away.  He knew firsthand the devastation that comes from an unprepared community.  He had a family home in New Orleans that was washed away during the levee break. His son lived through the Japanese quake; he told us that his son could feel the shaking from Tokyo.  He talked about the concerns that are schools are not ready for the “big one.”  He suggested that we start communicating with our neighbors, visiting beauty salons, and at the very least try to get prepared once a week or month.  Continue reading