So You Want to Learn about the Constitution


You witness what the government is doing now a days, and it doesn’t feel right.  You hear the words, “that’s unConstitutional to pass this law.” But, you honestly don’t know the specific reason a certain law should not be passed. My friend you are not alone.  I would bet good money that most of the congressman, senators, and presidents don’t know their Constitution.

So why should you bother to learn about the documents? The Constitution and the bill of rights are the intellectual soul of the republic of the United States of America.  The documents are meant to be a guiding light to become a better nation.  I am fully aware of the dark side of America, but I still believe in my heart that they are the greatest documents the world has ever seen.  But the POWER of these documents comes from the Citizens of American, not the Politician. If there is no one that remembers them, then there is no one left to defend the Constitution.

Do you know the answer to these questions?

  • Are we a democracy?
  • Can we tell what are forefathers were thinking when they created the Constitution and bill of rights?
  • Is there a difference between a lower case “r” and an upper case ”R”?
  • What is allodial title?
  • What are the federalist papers?
  • Is the Federal Reserve a governmental agency?

Below are some resources that can answer those questions: Continue reading