Snap Shot: Water


Water is the source of life. But some are at loss about the details of storing, purify, and finding water.  The purpose of this post is to give you a quick overview of water.  In times when the power is out or other times of emergencies you may not have the luxury of remembering all of the information associated with water.  It is my hope, that you will remember some simple solutions.


How much water does a person need?

For food and hydration needs, you will need one gallon per person per day.  This may go up or down depending on how humid your environment and activity level is. 

Where to find water

Going to the store is the obvious place to look for water, but what if they are sold out.  If you have the chance, fill up your bath tub with water.  Don’t ADD Bleach to the tube.  This water is for multiple reasons, not all of them drinking. 

In extreme needs you can use the water from your water heater.  Click here for a great step by step article how to utilize your water heater. 

Here is my personal favorite method for getting extra water.  Instill a water barrel to your drainage spout. We have a 25 gallon container; it filled up in one day!!  It takes up no extra room in the garage. And you can use it to water your garden.

Note:  Streams are not safe to drink from.  You must purify the water.  Continue reading