Info Overload

Family Preparedness Links

Make a Plan by Portland Emergency Management       First 24 Hours

Surviving Natural Disasters Book/resources


Urban Area Security — Survivology 101 — Urban Survival Site — If It Hits The Fan —  Old Grouch Surplus The Survivalist Blog —  — Survival blog — Christian Homesteader — 9 Biggest Banks Derivative Exposure $228.72 —  One Improved Unit

Local Blogs

Trace My Preps     Hillsboro Cert    Pacific NW Seismo      Red Cross          Wilderness Survival 



Prepper Groups Steel Soldiers – American Preppers Network — Preppers Bible —  Survival Podcast — Portland Preppers — Portland Wilderness Survival                      Survival moms of PDXNE Portland Homestead PDX Permaculture

Financial News

Fed Reserve now Accounts for 19% of US GDP

The Survival Podcast #756Real Nature of the Debt Crisis #817

Financial News —  EuroPac News — Short Selling 101

William Black: Why Nobody went to Jail during the Credit Crisis

What Commodities Brokers can do with your Money!

Do You Know Your Dollar —  The Truth where Your Money Went —                                   Easy to Understand Derivatives


Rabbits   Worm Man  Essential Survival Oils  Aquaponics  Permaculture 

Raising Chickens     BackYard Chickens   Bee Keeping   Portland Bee Store


Wilderness Survival     Real Weather    University of Delaware

Liquefaction  Oregon State–Earthquake page  — Survival Topics — Solar1234        survival common sense


Gresham     Hillsboro     Tigard    Lake Oswego



FEMA College Resource

Survival Spot
Insane amount of manuals to download. Man, you better buy an ink cartridge before you visit them☺

Survival Books
Here it is baby, 500 free army manuals for download. You’ll be in debt trying to print all of this cool material.

Urban Survival Site.  They must have at least 50+ ebooks you can download.  I would like to thank Survivology 101 for the information.

Christian Homesteader (abundaculture) :  A free 178 page booklet on homesteading.

50 Free Vidoes:  Topics include survival, canning, pet kits, and much more.

E-books alcohol/solar      42 E-books free      Survival Mom’s Free Download

Resources–Links to other Website

University of Colorado — Disaster Health Information  Treehugger Survival

Old News Is Still Good News

Radiation Disasters   Disaster Sociology


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