Good 2 Go Survival and Prep: Part 2 of 2




Welcome back to part 2 of my interview with Leslie.  Today we go over: different kinds of bags, preparedness in Oregon, and the importance of not letting the information get to you.  If you have a question for Leslie or would like to thank her, please leave a comment below.

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Good 2 Go Survival and Prep: Part 1 of 2



Time: 42 min.

Today I welcome back my friend Leslie from Good 2 Go Survival and Prep. She was born into a family that knew the importance of resilience and passed that mindset onto their daughter. Join us as we talk about seed saving, security, and the complications of government. Today is part 1 of a 2 part series.  I hope you enjoy.

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Q:  Tells us a little about your background in preparedness?

Q:  I think you had mentioned you used to guard a celebrity or two.  How about some good ol gossip?

Northridege Earthquake 

Q:  It was your parents that got you started on the path of preparedness, right?  What are some of the core issues they taught you?


Q: If you could only teach one survival skill, what would it be? Continue reading

A New Twist on Grab and Go



There may come a moment in your life where time is critical. The possibility of a wild fire headed in your direction. Your local river could overflow from the sudden melt off of a deep snow pack. Hell, maybe you have collection issues with a guy named Vinnie the Destroyer. No matter what that moment is, having bags in convenient locations can help lessen the stress when needing to get out of Dodge fast.

This is not to be confused with a grab and go bug out bag, which is helpful in its own right. This is a concept of keeping heavy duty bags in convenient and appropriate locations. Continue reading

Why Should I get a Kit?


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It’s not my priority. I want you to take a minute and think about your top priority… The minute is up. Now, let me guess. It had something to do with taking care of your family, pet, or self, depending on your situation. That is what emergency preparedness is all about, being able to take care of your family in times of distress. Remember: the Government will NOT SAVE YOU. Be it the town, city, state, or nationwide level. It is your responsibility to protect and supply your family.

Why should I get a kit? FEMA has been honest and told people they should be prepared to be on your own for at least 72 hours. The reality is you should expect no help from fireman, police or government for two weeks or more. Continue reading