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Freezing Vegetables From Your Garden

It’s the heart of summer and the abundance of ripe goodies in your garden means your eye may be on food preservation. Use these great tips for freezing vegetables to turn your garden harvests into delicious, off-season meals.


Organic Pest Control: What Works, What Doesn’t

Dealing with an infestation? Our nationwide reader survey reveals the best methods for managing common garden pests


Self-Seeding Crops You’ll Never Need to Replant

Some crops “seed” themselves, which means less work for you and money saved on seeds. Learn to manage several hardy self-seeders in your garden


How to Make Aerated Compost Tea

Compost tea allows you to amplify a small amount of compost into a dispersible liquid form, helping a little compost go a lot further.


Locally Sourced Homemade Greenhouse

Rough-cut lumber from a local sawmill and recycled windows can be used to construct a DIY greenhouse.


A Glossary of Plant Disease

Plant fungus and vegetable disease can decimate a garden. Gardeners should be aware of ways to prevent and fight these ailments that can affect their crops.


CERT App Will Help Coordinate Volunteer Responders


Stronger community


By: on July 02, 2013

A new public safety mobile application may soon help emergency response coordinators stay up-to-date on their volunteer teams and improve coordination with other public safety groups.

Called CERTify, the app enables Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) coordinators to send messages and assignments to team members during an emergency situation. It also enables decision-makers to keep a closer eye on volunteers’ safety and rescue credentials, to ensure that their skills and certifications are current.

CERT training consists of instruction in first-aid, search-and-rescue, basic firefighting, and other basic emergency skills for citizens. The training curriculum takes about 30 hours to complete, and course materials are provided by the federal government. After training is complete, volunteers can form community teams and help first responders after a disaster. Continue reading

Tribute to the Arizona Firefighters





Below is a list of links to stories about the AZ fire fighters who lost their lives.

“With no way out, the Prescott-based crew did what they were trained to do: They unfurled their foil-lined, heat-resistant tarps and rushed to cover themselves. But that last, desperate line of defense couldn’t save them.”

“The deaths of the Granite Mountain Hotshots marked the nation’s biggest loss of firefighters in a wildfire in 80 years. Only one member of the 20-person crew survived, and that was because he was moving the unit’s truck at the time.”  Huffington Post


It’s a Disaster blog did an outside job on article, photos and video on the fallen heros.


Breitbart website has a video  on it of a very personal nature.  The video has personal facts about fire fighters.


Fire did a great write up of biographies on the firefighters.  It is hard to believe how young most of them were.

If you haven’t already, please take a minute a send a prayer to the families.