Thank You to the Fallen Soldiers




Thank you to all the men and women that gave their lives during the Revolutionary War. To those that faced an overwhelming force and would not retreat. To those that died knowing they would never know if the war would be won. To the men who huddled in the cold night of winter, when hope was lost. When even congress would not supply them the goods they needed. They had the strength to pick themselves up and move forward with a free America. Your death has not been forgotten!

Thank you to all the men and women that served during the First World War. A war so horrible, no one thought it would ever be repeated. Thank you to the men in the ditches, feet rotting away from the water, who stayed and fought. How many children lost their fathers during that time?

Thank you to all the men and women that served during the Second World War. I believe this was the last greatest evil on earth. My grandfather was an ambulance drive in Italy and Europe. If he had died, you would have not been reading these words. My father was not born until after he returned. These men gave their lives so the cancer of evil would not spread and consume us all. Thank you to all the men who knew they faced certain death, and kept on going. Thank you to the Women who kept it all together, while dealing with the fear of receiving “The Letter.” Continue reading

Go Stay Kit



Today we finish the 8 part series to the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and possible personal solutions.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Wood from Go Stay Kit.  A great product to help every family on their way to completing their emergency plan. 

Different ways to connect with Go Stay Kit




If you have an idea or know someone that could help promote this product PLEASE contact Steve.  This is an American product made here in Oregon. I would love to see it succeeded, wouldn’t you?

Additional Information

Support Military Families

Buy one for your family or friends.  

Disaster Song by Mc Frontalot

We Are the Ones, We Have Been Waiting For!


Stronger community

Running Time: 1 Hour 11 minutes


·Lower your debt. Less debt means more freedom

Teach yourself gardening and your children.

Strengthen your mind and spirit—it’s the best tool you have.

What roll would you play if technology was gone tomorrow? Protector, Healer, Tracker, so on

Get in shape—I struggled with this until I created my garden. Find a buddy, walking group (

Know the benefits of “weeds”. Dandelions, chickweed, so on

Eating Dandelions

Check out my calender for weed classes from John Kallas

Let’s start the ideas: Continue reading

After the Cascadia Event



running time:  One hr and two min.

Today we go over what some of my thoughts are regarding what to do AFTER the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake.  I am coming from the angle of an unaware neighborhood (which is most of them).   What immediate objectives do we need to get setup to increase are odds of survival.  This is NOT a complete list by any means.  Think of it as a brain storm to help get you started.

Please think about joining CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) or NET for Portland.  IT IS THE BEST GOVERNMENT/CIVIC PROGRAM YOU CAN ATTEND!!  They cover Medical, Search /Rescue, Triage, and Psychology.

NET Resource

Free FEMA training Online

Disposal of Waste 

Get Prepared with Your Neighbors  

Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup              

House: Continue reading