Zombie Survival Basics In October



I just signed up for the Zombie Survival Basics. The class is in October, but currently there is a deal if you sign up.  I always wanted to try it and I final have the opportunity.  If it sounds fun to you, sign up and let’s kill some zombies!!

Below comes directly from Trackers PDX


Zombie Survival Basics Portland, Oregon

Join Trackers Earth for our world renowned program that prepares you for the front lines of the coming zombie apocalypse. It is the ultimate guide to survival from the zombie hordes.

In this intensive program (because that’s all we have left since the experimental marmoset escaped) you train everything from wilderness and urban survival, boffer weaponry, stealth and evasion, “stuff MacGyver would do” and proper zombie “disposal”. Emphasis is placed on thinking on your feet, increasing your bad ass factor and both short and long-term decision-making during any apocalyptic event.

Zombie Ranger: Protect Your Clan

The Trackers Rangers Guild teaches their own special brand of survival skills applicable in both an urban and wilderness setting. They tell you how to get out of town and into the woods as you strive to exodus major population centers.

Plus, they cover The Curriculum of Shadows, akin to a martial art, this unique philosophy uses shadows, silence, stealth and invisibility to help you guide your band of lone survivors through an earth populated by 6 billion creatures ravenous for your squishy brains.

Special skills include: fire with no matches, torches, weaponry, zombie and stealth scenarios (hunt zombies with bows and foam arrows), wilderness shelter, proper cutting with samurai swords, hatchet throwing, transport methods for getting out of Dodge, avoiding infection from the Zombie plague and much more.

Click here for full details and to sign up.  I receive no kickback, nor did Trackers PDX request this blog post.

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CERT App Will Help Coordinate Volunteer Responders


Stronger community


By: on July 02, 2013

A new public safety mobile application may soon help emergency response coordinators stay up-to-date on their volunteer teams and improve coordination with other public safety groups.

Called CERTify, the app enables Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) coordinators to send messages and assignments to team members during an emergency situation. It also enables decision-makers to keep a closer eye on volunteers’ safety and rescue credentials, to ensure that their skills and certifications are current.

CERT training consists of instruction in first-aid, search-and-rescue, basic firefighting, and other basic emergency skills for citizens. The training curriculum takes about 30 hours to complete, and course materials are provided by the federal government. After training is complete, volunteers can form community teams and help first responders after a disaster. Continue reading

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Northwest Permaculture Convergence Aug. 2-4th



This year our Oregon location of Pacific University will host a plethora of hands-on opportunities, permaculture curriculum modules, skill-share demonstrations, and Open Space networking opportunities.

Friday morning is a special discounted Introduction to Applied Permaculture hands-on session for beginners! Only $25 and kids are free! Buy a box lunch and you’re set for an afternoon of hands-on learning!
Pacific University has an active permaculture program at nearby B Street Farm. Many of the convergence workshops will be hands-on at that location: http://bstreetmuseum.com/

Admission does not include accomodations or meals, which can be ordered separately.

Important note: There are two Member Bundle package deal options near the bottom of the ticket item list. If you are attending the whole weekend, these options will save you money by minimizing your ticketing fees. They include admission, all activities*, all meals, either dorm or camping accomodations, and $10 annual membership dues for NWPCC.

Membership is not required to attend the convergence, but it will be required for participation in the annual meeting to be held on Sunday. Attendees not purchasing these bundled tickets will have the option to add membership dues in the next step of the ticketing process. You also will have the opportunity to pay dues at the event. 

Early check-in begins 8 am Friday Aug. 2nd in Washburn Hall on Pacific University Main Campus. Park in F Lot off University between College Way and Cedar Street. Main Event Check-in opens at 2pm. Cash or check only at the gate.

IMPORTANT: Check-in time for dorms is 2:15 – 5:15 pm and is strictly enforced by Pacific University. If you can’t check in at this time, please choose camping option.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by parent at all times. No alcohol. Only service animals will be admitted.

*Some hands-on workshops may request a materials fee.

CLICK HERE for full details

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