Best Pest Website in the West


I was virtual hanging out in Google Plus, checking out some great material, when I came across a link to an awesome pest website. Golden Harvest Organics is based in Colorado. They sell products to help your garden. But the wealth of knowledge on pest control is outstanding. Not only do they mention their products, but a great deal of home remedies. I am going to post just a small fraction of the information you can find on their website. If you enjoy the information as much as I, show them some love and pick up a product or two. (I receive zero money or barter for this post.)


“Ants “farm” aphids often keeping them in their nest during winter, then bringing them out in spring and placing them on the host plant. The ants eat the honeydew the aphids produce and move them from plant to plant spreading any diseases that are present.”




“The larva do their damage when tunneling underneath the bark. If their tunnel makes a complete circle around the tree through the cambium layer it will kill the tree. Peach tree borers will also attack apricot, cherry, nectarine and plum trees.”

“Take some stiff wire and work it into the hole to kill them. “ Continue reading

Gardening on Facebook.


cover-gardeningBelow is a collection of articles and videos from my Facebook page. If you enjoy, please take 30 seconds and like my page. There you will find other important information to keep you prepared.

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Preserving Meat Without Refrigeration Continue reading

How do you Grow Potatoes?


potatoes022007It all started with an article my wife brought to my attention. It was about growing potatoes in burlap bags. As it turned out, the day before I saw a video on starting potatoes slips indoors. So this got my curiosity up and going. But how do you do it? What kind of potatoes should you grow? Why should you grow potatoes? So come along with me as I educate myself on these questions.


Why should I even bother to grow potatoes?

The first thought that comes to mind is how little room they can take up. We are going to use burlap bags, the size of a common bucket. Potatoes also are easy to keep for a long time, much long than other produce.

Click here for tips on how to keep potatoes from rotting.

How to Store potatoes by Jonathanwallace (this is a great video on storage)


Potatoes are cheap, why bother growing them?

• I will grow potatoes for a couple of main reason. I know where my food comes from. I know the soil used, what was used on it and where they came from.

• Just in time shipping. If the “monkey throws poo at the fan”, then I have some food on hand. I am not 100% dependent on the local market to save my backside.

• The knowledge of growing potatoes. Things that seem simple turn complicated when we first try them. Now is the time to try. Continue reading