Magna Carta



So why would I write an article on the Magna Carta in today’s age?  Why bother, when in our modern time people don’t even know who the vice president is?  I do it for one simple reason, because it is important to remember.  This document was born from the minds of men who demanded freedom.  Once it was introduced and word spread the idea could not be killed. It is the idea, and always the idea that must not be forgotten.  The idea that humans have essential rights.  We have the right to be our own man or woman.  The right to live without the fear from our leaders.  The more of us that remember the importance of freedom, the harder it is for dictatorships to thrive.  The other reality is that we live on a planet that is very, very violet.  There will come a day when we are hit with a supervolcanoe, comet, mega solar flares and pandemic just to name a few.  This could rip apart our society, and it is vital we rebuild it with the Spirit of freedom in mind. I hope you enjoy my mini history lesson of the Magna Carta. Continue reading

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So You Want to Learn about the Constitution


You witness what the government is doing now a days, and it doesn’t feel right.  You hear the words, “that’s unConstitutional to pass this law.” But, you honestly don’t know the specific reason a certain law should not be passed. My friend you are not alone.  I would bet good money that most of the congressman, senators, and presidents don’t know their Constitution.

So why should you bother to learn about the documents? The Constitution and the bill of rights are the intellectual soul of the republic of the United States of America.  The documents are meant to be a guiding light to become a better nation.  I am fully aware of the dark side of America, but I still believe in my heart that they are the greatest documents the world has ever seen.  But the POWER of these documents comes from the Citizens of American, not the Politician. If there is no one that remembers them, then there is no one left to defend the Constitution.

Do you know the answer to these questions?

  • Are we a democracy?
  • Can we tell what are forefathers were thinking when they created the Constitution and bill of rights?
  • Is there a difference between a lower case “r” and an upper case ”R”?
  • What is allodial title?
  • What are the federalist papers?
  • Is the Federal Reserve a governmental agency?

Below are some resources that can answer those questions: Continue reading

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The Writ of Habeas Corpus


Q:  What is the Writ of Habeas Corpus?

A:  “Legal Action which requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court.”

Q: How did Habeas Corpus come into being?

A:  “The practice and right of Habeas Corpus was settled practice and law at the time of Magna Carta and was thus a fundamental part of the unwritten common “law of the land” as was expressly recognized by Magna Carta.”  Joseph Dale Robertson   

Q:  Why do we have the Writ of Habeas Corpus?

A: “It’s the right of habeas corpus that makes the thought of being illegally imprisoned in a democratic society such a far-off idea. Habeas corpus is a prisoner’s one way to question the legality of his or her imprisonment.”    Continue reading

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Portland Preparedness Center Could Close



Below is the latest statement from the Gentleman at Portland Preparedness Center.  If their business closed, I am not sure if people understand the ramifications.

They are the ONLY brick business that is focused on emergency preparedness in Portland.

They have supported the local communities through talk shows, gun shows, Expo’s and classes.

We can NOT assume they will be public if their doors close.

So all that I ask is two things. Please take a moment and read the newsletter below.

Two: If you need an emergency item, walk in and talk with some great guys or look online at their store.

Let US show them support in their darkest hour.

Visit the website at


We’re Facing Possible Closure

At The End of July

But You Can Benefit


To put it bluntly, we are in a dire situation.

We opened the Portland Preparedness Center in Niovember 2010 with the intention of providing a bricks and mortar store as a community resource for those who needed emergency supplies.

For the first two years there was constant growth, but in the last six months there has been a dramatic change and unless we get more customers or make more sales – substantially more – or some financial support, The Portland Preparedness Center will be forced to close.

 We have advertised extensively, promoted ourselves at gun shows, attended numerous expos and exhibitions.

We have worked hard with local volunteers  to provide our community with Ham radio, first aid and concealed carry classes, hosted a prepper group for free every week and invested much in a radio show – but the end result has not been the sort of interest and support that is essential to keep the business running.
This is a tough situation to be in after two and a half years of business.


 And you can benefit from this.

But first, we’d like to give you some background, some forward-thinking about what’s going on, and also ask for your feedback.

What caught us by surprise was that in the past two months, despite our investment in a weekly radio show and other advertising, sales have dropped so dramatically that outgoings now exceed incomings.

Obviously, no business can survive in conditions like this without additional community support.

Over the past couple of years Joshua Patterson and I have never made much out of the business personally; in fact there are people on minimum wage or on welfare who probably do a lot better. It was our intent from the start to help those who understood the need to be prepared for “whatever comes our way” and we’re pleased we have been able to do that for so many people.

Unfortunately, we seem to have run out of people…..

Our statistics and analysis indicate that there has been a national downturn in interest in preparedness. Why this is so we cannot fathom, but that’s the way it is.

At the same time, Big Box competition and the upsurge in online purveyors of cheap preparedness products have also had an impact and  on line sales have also dropped way down.

BUT – we are not quite ready to quit.

Some dreams only come to full fruition if you keep working on them.

Therefore, we are hoping that we can turn this around, but to do so, we’ll have to make some major sales – and soon.

We must also cut costs to the bone just to stay open through July, and possibly, just possibly, through August as well.

But if things do not pick up in the next few weeks, that’ll be the end of it and unfortunately we’ll be forced to close our doors and be gone.

Therefore, when you’ve read the rest of this newsletter, if you have any ideas at all about how we might keep the store open, please email Michael Knight at, with suggestions and your phone number if you wish, and we’ll get together and see what can be done. (You might even be interested in buying the business – more on that below).

In the meantime, the first step in cutting costs is to reduce our open hours and days, but also to add Sundays to the schedule in the hope that this will generate more traffic. But there’s no point in being in the store 10 hours a day Monday to Thursday for the sake of only one or two customers.

The store will be closed for the 4th of July holiday week, from Saturday June 29 to Thursday June 4 inclusive.

Then we are going to change our open hours to only three days a week, opening 10 – 6 Friday and Saturday, and 9 – 5 Sundays.

For the rest of July we will only open Friday to Sunday inclusive.

We’re not interested in bank loans (been there done that) but we do have much in the way of alternative skills and experience.

Joshua has reactivated his Montavilla Computer Repair and Website Development business, which he has owned and operated very successfully for 10 years before devoting his skills to our Internet presence and managing The Portland Preparedness Center store.

He built our several web sites, our Facebook and Twitter presence, special news sites, including recording and editing and embedding YouTube videos and audio podcasts. He’s a genuine expert in all things computer and Internet.

Joshua also created the Prepare Your Ground Zero website for Alpha Broadcasting and Clyde Lewis’s national Ground Zero talk show

If you have a computer that is giving you problems, Joshua is the man to talk to and get it fixed. He also does house calls by the way.

You can call Joshua at any time. His cell phone number is 503 208 6753

Both of us are prepared to take on other projects unrelated to the store, in order to keep the store open, if we possibly can.

Michael Knight (aka Bill before leaving New Zealand) also has other skills of which you are no doubt unaware. Among them, he has spent many years in various construction-related jobs, including building his own house in Washington state, working on numerous pole barns, and remodeling work

Back in New Zealand, he co-authored the book, “Building With Logs In New Zealand:” and worked on many log homes there – including his own before moving to America.

Those skills came in handy when using an Alaska chainsaw mill to cut lumber for his Washington home.

A long background (starting in 1960) in many aspects of journalism, public relations, marketing, camera work and documentary production resulted in a contract with Dreams Come True Productions to produce “Contact Has Begun,” a film about the true-life experiences of James Gilliland whose Near Death Experience led to personal contact with ETs and the establishment of his sanctuary at Mt Adams in Washington state. (Buy the DVD here).

Then an inheritance came along, and with it an opportunity to open The Portland Preparedness Center in November 2010, which was seen as an investment that would help others as well as eventually providing a small retirement income….but as they say, the rest is history…or almost.

Aside from the Portland Preparedness Center, Michael has another recently registered business – SC West Construction – and can offer a unique service – providing those who need them with custom-built storm, underground or storage units at very reasonable cost.

These are based around the use of shipping containers which, when properly insulated and strengthened internally, make an ideal purpose-built safe haven or storage facility. They can be fully buried, or earth-bermed, or simply anchored and used above-ground as an insulated storage unit and standby storm shelter. Michael has built a lot of these unusual “safe houses” in one form or another.

We should also remind you that we can introduce you to the manufacturer of a far more sophisticated family underground unit. These ones sleep up to five people and can come equipped with many options including an NBC filter – you can see the video Michael made about “The Ultimate Family Underground” at this link.

For many years now, Michael has been editor of a number of newsletters, including “Family Survival News – Future Times and Trends.” This is a premium publication with a global reach that comes out weekly (except holidays). It focuses on a variety of subjects as requested by subscribers, and covers everything from Earth Changes to economics to solar activity – with fresh articles in every issue, written by some of the world’s best (and most honest) reporters. It is published by The Survival Center and at present you can subscribe at a much reduced annual fee.

It was $129 but for a short time you can get a special discount annual subscription for only $59.95. That’s half price. So if you want to know in advance what to expect and how to be the best prepared you can possibly be, subscribing would be the way to go. at this link.

And that’s it.

Your feedback is welcome, Please email

Michael Knight
Joshua Patterson
The Portland Preparedness Center.

PS – If you or anyone you know is interested in buying our entire inventory – or taking over the business at minimal cost – send an email with your phone number and we’ll have a confidential discussion. The business definitely has potential, but requires capital input, regular advertising, and additional stock.
We have an excellent record with our many established suppliers because we have always paid cash up front with our orders.

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