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Earth Skills Are Easy is a series of one day workshops on earth skills also referred to as “primitive skills”, “ancestral skills”, “survival skills”, or “bush craft”.

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Does my Tree need a partner?


tree2As part of my garden project out in Sandy, I decided to plant grapes, kiwi, fig and blueberries. You would think a researcher would research the major buys that I did. Not this time, I had the idiot idea that the sticker at the nursery would tell me everything thing I needed to know. That was my mistake not to do my own homework. Thank God my wife stepped in and asked simple questions. Are you sure X,Y, Z does not need a counterpart. My lame reply was, “it didn’t say it on the sticker.”

I need to fill you in on what happened to us last year. My wife bought a Tomatillo plant, we watched as it turned into a beautiful plant. We watched as the flowers started to show, and kept watching the beautiful flowers. We asked ourselves why in the heck isn’t bearing fruit. My wife’s answer after researching it, “crap we needed another plant for cross pollination. “

Fast forward to last weekend, the lesson had not reached my noggin. We found out, and it wasn’t that bad of a mess up. Just need to do my homework before I get to crazy into buying plants. Hence, this is the reason for the article. Below will be a series of plants and short answer to if they need a partner.


Kiwi tree:  The type that I bought does require a male and female to produce fruit. Continue reading

Best Pest Website in the West


I was virtual hanging out in Google Plus, checking out some great material, when I came across a link to an awesome pest website. Golden Harvest Organics is based in Colorado. They sell products to help your garden. But the wealth of knowledge on pest control is outstanding. Not only do they mention their products, but a great deal of home remedies. I am going to post just a small fraction of the information you can find on their website. If you enjoy the information as much as I, show them some love and pick up a product or two. (I receive zero money or barter for this post.)


“Ants “farm” aphids often keeping them in their nest during winter, then bringing them out in spring and placing them on the host plant. The ants eat the honeydew the aphids produce and move them from plant to plant spreading any diseases that are present.”




“The larva do their damage when tunneling underneath the bark. If their tunnel makes a complete circle around the tree through the cambium layer it will kill the tree. Peach tree borers will also attack apricot, cherry, nectarine and plum trees.”

“Take some stiff wire and work it into the hole to kill them. “ Continue reading