Clackamas Fire Looking for Volunteers



Clackamas Fire District #1

Your Friend For Life

Clackamas Fire District #1 and local emergency responders will be participating in a region-wide disaster drill. We are currently seeking volunteers to act as victims. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

This is an exciting opportunity to see the action up close! Your participation will add greatly to the realism of the event and will provide a valuable training opportunity to local emergency responders. Continue reading

Portland Preparedness Center is Hiring!


prepar-guysBelow is the Ad for the job. Click here for their website


Do you have a interest in Getting Prepared?

Do you volunteer in emergency preparedness?

Do you have Strong Computer Skills, a Great customer service skills and retail experience.

We may have a position for you, We are looking for part-time help at the Portland Preparedness Center. Continue reading

To build, or not to build?


Karen-pic-for-Independence-GardensIt is with great pleasure that I welcome back Karen from Independence Gardens PDX. This is Karen’s third article with us.  Karen’s past articles were, “Getting the feel of a garden” and “Prepping your garden and gardening prepared.”  Please visit Independence Gardens PDX if you have questions or need guidance on gardening.  Enjoy!


That IS the question—especially at this time of the year, when dedicated gardeners are planning for spring  and getting their spaces ready for upcoming planting! And the answer? Well, it depends.

Growing your own food doesn’t require any specific infrastructure. In order to grow, plants need the right amount of sun and water, fertile soil, and to be sown at the right time. If they’re given the right environmental conditions and left to their own devices, they might even bear something that we’d like to eat. But for our gardens to reach maximum productivity, they need to be accessible to us and also provide ideal conditions for plants to grow the right parts—roots, shoots, stems, leaves, buds, flowers, and/or fruits—for us to enjoy. And that’s where infrastructure comes in. Continue reading