What is Community Resilience?



This informaton comes directly from:      Speaking The Unspeakable                

We live with many uncertainties; the snow and ice are great reminders of this. Earthquakes, the economy, water supply, as well as climate change all set the stage for an unpredictable future. Preparedness and Resilience become key attributes in times such as these. Community and collective co-empowerment become essential.

Do you have a plan?
How prepared are you?
Do you know your neighbors?
What resources are available?
How will you and your family fare?

Come for an interactive evening where we will open an Unspeakable dialogue to get to the heart of Emergency Preparedness and Community Resilience.

This evening will have something to offer everyone from those who have barely thought of preparedness to those who have been planning for years and are interested in community building.

The evening will include short presentations followed by highly interactive components offering opportunities to start an emergency plan, troubleshoot existing plans, build community connections and develop resilience strategies.

There is no silver bullet solution for the unexpected, yet with proper planning, adequate preparations, community building and resilience training, we can come together to make the best and the most of challenging circumstances.

Join us for the 1st StU Salon: Community Resilience for Uncertain Times!
(note: each month will be a different unspeakable topic)

Sunday March 2nd

Healing Arts Education Center
2714 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR

$11-22 reciprocity requested

Monies received cover expenses as well as supporting local non-profits working in the topic area

Alternative contributions can be made, please contact Amanda directly to discuss