Airline Awareness


As some of my readers are aware, I recently got married. We were lucky enough to spend two weeks in Hawaii for our honeymoon. But even though I was on my honeymoon, you couldn’t take the blogger out of me. I lined up a series of topics I want to write about from my experiences there.

This post is the first of that series: terrorist threats to an airplane. It’s not from a professional security analysis, but more focused on what I might do in these situations.

Before the flight:

Before you board any plane, check in with your instincts. When you get to your gate, look around. Don’t be rude about it by staring at folks. But don’t be shy about observing the people you’re about to get on a plane with. What clothes are they wearing? What are their mannerism? Don’t let bias and prejudice take over, but take in the people that will be sharing this flight with you.

Boarding the Flight:

The aisle seat is the best for mobility and for sight down the walking lane. But, I love the window seat, so I lax on this one. If there were one or more persons I was concerned about, then I would take the aisle seat. My wife, on the other hand, believes the aisle seat keeps you more vulnerable to sneaks attacks, so she prefers the window. Go figure.

The following are walkthroughs of different scenarios. Keep in mind these could change on a drop of a dime and these are just suggestions. Continue reading