After the Cascadia Event


running time:  One hr and two min.

Today we go over what some of my thoughts are regarding what to do AFTER the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake.  I am coming from the angle of an unaware neighborhood (which is most of them).   What immediate objectives do we need to get setup to increase are odds of survival.  This is NOT a complete list by any means.  Think of it as a brain storm to help get you started.

Please think about joining CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) or NET for Portland.  IT IS THE BEST GOVERNMENT/CIVIC PROGRAM YOU CAN ATTEND!!  They cover Medical, Search /Rescue, Triage, and Psychology.

NET Resource

Free FEMA training Online

Disposal of Waste 

Get Prepared with Your Neighbors  

Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup              


How am I?

What does the interior of the house look like?

Secure a room for my cats (forgot to mention add food, water and restroom)

Check the outside of the house

Try the water:  still on.  Fill up bathtub, sinks, water jugs

Move items close to door

You may hear screams, sirens, ect.  You need to focus on you first.

Check the phones, try texts.

Staging grounds:  schools, parks—look at these locations now.

Will the school stand?

What are the advantages of the park, disadvantages?


  • If you don’t step up, who will?  There will be mistakes, learn and move on.
  • Don’t default to letting the fireman, police officer be the leader—free them for S+R
  • Same for nurses:  let them go hands on
  • Don’t be afraid to just walk away.
  • If you challenge leadership, you better damn well have the credit to do so.

Food Water, Shelter and Security:  Groups of people:  keep around 5-7- leader


  • Food stores, ect.. buy, beg, steal or borrow all food sources.
  • First priority:  use the food in the fridge—organize community meals
  • Second:  smoke, dry ALL MEAT!
  • Third:  who is a gardener?  Greenhouses?  Herbs, wild edibles? seeds
  • Fuel:  rocket mass heater are your best friend

Portland Farmers Market 

Oregon Tilth

Portland Permaculture

Wild Edibles   

Learn survival skills

Need help with Building a Garden?

Meat Smoking and building a Smoke House   


  • In less than three days w/out water you will die and/or go mad
  • Find those with water barrels—link barrels up to those.
  • Know how to disinfect water:  distill, solar, bleach, berkey

Help With Harvesting Rain Water 

Snap shot: Water  


Try and use those house that are distroyed

Safety in Numbers:  Those that can NOT be absorbed into other houses, should camp together.

What Alternative energy can you use?

Excellent resource for battery power

Go to Source for Alternative Power

Rocket Mass Heater

Disaster Song by McFrontalot

What resources would you add to the list?

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