Episode 12: Links of Interest

Newberry-CraterRunning Time:  39:30


Pacific Threat

Earthquake Prediction System  by Suspicious0bservers 

PBEM tour: Portland’s new emergency coordination center.


Protect yourself on the Net

Is Somebody Watching Me 


Exploding Firball observed in Japan, Russia, Cuba  

Meteor Lights up Night Sky over Eastern USA 

Four Asteroids in a Week 

Passing by Meteor Campos, in Rio, is confirmed by astronomer

Florida – Large RADAR returns over 1000+ Sq. Miles .


The Next Ice Age – An Introduction to a Possible Shift Soon.


The Invention of Money: 

Disasters around the globe

 Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So March 2013 Part 4 

Free Online Education:

How Free Online Courses Are Changing Traditional Education  

Threat Journal:

Spy’s in NASA


Cool facts about volcanoes  


30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet 


Secret To Buying Bulk Seeds – Non GMO Crops / Natural Farming Seeds!!. 

Boom( what ! ):

Mysterious Booms Investigation New York News Feb. 27th 2013

Added Information

Washington Slides Away

Disaster Song by Mc Frontalot


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