Episode 7: Active Shooter– Clackamas Town Center Mall

Running Time: 38:22

Today I will talk about the Shooter event that took place in Portland, Oregon on 12/11/2012. I will share some of my thoughts on the situation.  Click here for a link to the facebook page for Clackamas Families

Shop local

What happened that day.

Close to home:  co-workers, past workers, friends and my little sister

What do you do

Yahoo News.

Prepare your mind

  • Girl sees man in mask, and too shy to tell mother.
  • One thought it was gag
  • It can’t happen here.

Check your instincts

  • Gut feeling


Find shelter, run away


Deep slow breathes


FEMA active shooter

run hide fight   Must See Video

Active shooter by Ben from Modern Self Protection

Please take a moment and send your prayers and thoughts to the family and friends of those that were killed:

Steven Mathew Forsyth of West Linn

 Cindy Ann Yuille of Portland


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