Episode 8: Stories and Information of 2013

winter-storm-preparednessrunning time: 28:30

Segments:  Groups

  • Trackers PDX club—$10.00 per session:  I signed up and looking forward to attending the class
  • New Group on meetup.com called ” I Survived The Apocalypse. . . and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!” Low key, informal group learning skills.


  • Portland police have released the numbers for 2012, let’s see how my neighborhood did.


  • This is the year the solar max is suppose to happen.  The sun’s face looks like a teenager going through zit phase.  What is current count.

  • 3MIN News January 11, 2013: The Sun Awakens

 Electronic pulse:

The economic collapse had a good article about EMP event.  Society is fragile; let’s make sure we are not.   Arizona event, people were freaking out.

  • Government knows, but does little to prevent it.
  • We just don’t know.  No large scale tests of a nuke EMP.
  • Carrington event will happen again. 
  • Have old, old school books about things were done in the 1800’s


  • We had a first good one of the year on the 5th.  7.5 up near Alaska.  If a major earthquake hit you today, how many items would fall over.

  • Home earthquake preparedness tips


Strange but true:

  • The loud booms are back.  Tri state Indiana—no earthquake, plane,  or bombs.  Mysteries that are forgotten are not solved mysteries.

Training—CERT in Hillsboro

Disaster Song by Mc Frontalot


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  1. steve
    January 12, 2013 19:02 Reply

    very nice!! 🙂

    • JBradbury
      January 12, 2013 21:10 Reply

      Thank you for your support!!

  2. L.K.
    January 20, 2013 05:32 Reply

    I’ve never taken a class from Trackers PDX but have always been interested. Will this be your first class with them or have you gone before? Sounds like fin. I can’t wait to read an article about it to see how it goes.

    • JBradbury
      January 20, 2013 05:42 Reply

      Thank you for your support.

      No I have not taken a class from TrackersPDX, but i am looking forward to the experience. I thought for 29.00 for four classes, it is well worth the try. You may not get an article about my adventure, but I will report back to my community how it went in some form.

      I welcome everyone to check out the calendar and see if you can find your own adventure to try. Please email me or use the contact form to let me know if there is training in Portland (surrounding area)you would like to see posted on the calendar. preparePDX@gmail.com

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