Getting to know your Northwest Volcano: Mount Baker, Glacier Peak Part 1

September is national awareness month.  I have choose to write about the volcanoes in the Northwest. Today we go over Mount Baker and Glacier Peak.



Mount Baker

Quick facts from the USGS

Location: Washington, Whatcom County

Latitude: 48.777° N

Longitude: 121.813° W

Elevation: 3,286 (m) 10,781 (f)

Volcano type: Stratovolcano

Alert Level: Normal

Last eruption: September to November in 1880

Fun facts about Mount Baker

  • It is the most studied volcano in the Cascades volcano range

  • It is also the youngest volcano in the range.

Also Know As:  Koma Kulshan or simply Kulshan 

Nearest City: 31 miles from Bellingham, Washington

Click here to monitor Mount Baker 

Activity Status 


Glacier Peak

“Danger Will Robinson, Danger”

Glacier Peak is the most active volcano

“Glacier Peak is one of the most active of Washington’s volcanoes. The volcano formed during the Pleistocene epoch, about 1 million years ago, and since the most recent ice age, it has produced some of largest and most explosive eruptions in the state.” Wikipedia

Quick Facts from USGS

Location: Washington, Snohomish County

Elevation: 3,213 (m) 10,541 (f)

Volcano type: Stratovolcano

Composition: Dacite

Alert Level: Normal

Click here for monitoring for Glacier Peak 

Activity Status 

 Fun Facts

  • It’s the most remote major volcanic peak in the Cascade Range and has more active glaciers than any other place in the lower forty-eight states. 

  • The 450 or so miles on as many as 100 trails vary from relatively easy hiking on maintained footpaths to strenuous and seldom used old animal trails. 

Last eruption: 1700AD. 


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