Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Last year we (chief editor and I) decided to give the gift of emergency preparedness.  We knew in all honesty that our families were not going to do this on their own accord.  Starting an emergency preparedness kit can be an intimated feat for many folks. Giving a kit can be a fun way to introduce people to being prepared.

We found the two biggest expenses could be getting a bag or plastic bin, and a good multi-flashlight.  With the bags, I just used one of my old gym/travel bags.  We are not looking for beauty here. As long as it’s functional it’s good to go.  The main question is “can the person pick up the storage unit and go in a hurry?” I didn’t worry about it being large enough for future purchases.  If they want to expand it, the person is smart enough to buy bigger storage units. Look for gym/travel bags you don’t use or go to Goodwill.

Next is a multi-flashlight.  They are self powered by crank.  There is a radio, extra light settings, and the standard flashlight. To be honest I don’t remember where we purchased ours.  The most important aspect to remember is that it MUST be good quality.  Please do not go cheap with this item.

The rest of the kit was made up of water tablets, medical needs, rope, and other items.  We went to REI, Dollar store, and various outlets.  In total we spent around $50.00 dollars per kit.

We stayed away from buying water, food, and expensive items.  This is meant to give them a taste of emergency kits.  I believe it is up to the person to buy and store the amount of water and food they so desire. Keep in mind the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it.”

We had great feedback from the people we gave a kit to.  Whether they added to it, I could not tell you.  What I can say is they are more prepared than they were.

What would you put in your kit?

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