Good 2 Go Survival and Prep: Part 1 of 2


Time: 42 min.

Today I welcome back my friend Leslie from Good 2 Go Survival and Prep. She was born into a family that knew the importance of resilience and passed that mindset onto their daughter. Join us as we talk about seed saving, security, and the complications of government. Today is part 1 of a 2 part series.  I hope you enjoy.

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Q:  Tells us a little about your background in preparedness?

Q:  I think you had mentioned you used to guard a celebrity or two.  How about some good ol gossip?

Northridege Earthquake 

Q:  It was your parents that got you started on the path of preparedness, right?  What are some of the core issues they taught you?


Q: If you could only teach one survival skill, what would it be?

Fire good, me like fire   and

Q:  If Godzilla pops up with this zombie army, and you had to be part of a community tiring to survive.  What role would you play?   You feeling lucky punk—are you?

8 part series on Earthquake

seed saving book

“Saving the seeds from carrot plants takes a lot of patience, not because harvesting the seeds is a complicated process, but because carrots are biennial plants, and take two years to flower and produce seeds. But once the carrot plant finally flowers, the process of collecting seeds is relatively simple and can produce rewarding yields.”
How To

Q:  What is a concern you have with the prepper movement or community?


Joplin, MO

Toxic Trailers

New York City Hurricane Sandy 


 End of Part 1  

Disaster by Mc Frontalot 


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