Good 2 Go Survival and Prep: Part 2 of 2



Welcome back to part 2 of my interview with Leslie.  Today we go over: different kinds of bags, preparedness in Oregon, and the importance of not letting the information get to you.  If you have a question for Leslie or would like to thank her, please leave a comment below.

Link to Part 1 of the interview 

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Good 2 Go’s Forum

Q: what are the different types of bags

Link for 72 hr Kit

Link for BOB

Link for EDC Video

Link for INCH   I’m never coming home bag

Lost in the desert 

World News:

Q: What is your sense of how Oregon fails in gun control, police control, and GMO crop?

Q: What are your instincts telling you about 2014?

Link to survival podcast— The Truth about Congress

Distinguished Gentlemen with Eddie Murphy 

Disaster Song by Kopecky Family Band


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