I Got Your Back

Hello, my name is Reflection.  I would like a moment of your time to talk about what I can do for you.  I am everywhere you travel, day or night, but you may still not pay attention to me.  Don’t worry, I understand. You’re a busy person with a lot on your mind. But if you give me a moment I can enhance your life. If you pay attention you may see me in everyday objects.  I provide you with eyes in the back of your head and greater awareness of your environment.  I am about to give you some reason why I’m a good thing to pay attention to.

Night:  If you find yourself having to go to the ATM at night, keep an eye on the mirror above the ATM.  There, I can help you if someone tries to sneak up on you. How about when you’re walking to your can at night.  You can use the windows of your car to give you a heads up if someone is coming behind you.  At any rate, you need to use enhanced awareness of your environment at night.

Game:  I can be a great asset if you want to work on your James Bond skills.  You can use everyday items in the restaurant to observe people without them ever knowing. For example, the glass frames covering the pictures on the wall, the windows and even a spoon. I am also handy for paying attention to details.  Focus on the colors, environment, and movement in reflections.  The more you use me, the more natural it will become.

Disasters:  I can literally save your life if you have to search a house.  I may be able to show you what is around the corner through broken mirrors or any other item that reflects light.

I am all around you, doing my best to protect you.  I don’t have to be a chore or one more thing you have to remember.  I can be fun and give you a new perspective of life.

Where have you seen me lately?

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