Is 2013 a repeat of 2011?


This podcast is not done in the usual way.  I stepped away from the computer and used an app on my phone.  Let me know what you think.  Also, I worked on this Thursday, so I did talk about the comet that hit Russia, but I will include some good videos.  Take care and enjoy.  Running time: 49.16

Jan:  We start with a hot debate on gun issues and handful of earthquakes.  One point ½ country was warm while the other was cold.  Strange booms were going on for days.  And Australia was a blaze.




Ice:  best article on dangers of freezing to death.

Cyber threat:





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Boom, baby, boom:


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Additional material:

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Feb. 2013

How-To Use Burlap Sacks in the Garden 

The Fed is privately owned. Its shareholders are private banks 

 Disaster Song by Kopecky Family Band

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