Laugh, You SOB

My God, this disaster thing is depressing.  Really, how many ways can a man bite it?   How cool would it be if Godzilla was a real threat, like every thousand years or so, he comes up, eats some people, breaks some stuff and then goes back into a black hole?  We would have to write emergency preparedness articles on the dangers of Godzilla.

Zombies suck man, seriously they freak me out.  All the shit we are doing, trying to enhance our brains.  Dude, no one is eating my brains, nor do I want to be infected and eat your brains.

As you can tell this week, I am going to lighten the mood.  Hopefully, there is not a great natural disaster that happens when I post this. Would that not be the worst timing ever?  The point is laugh for fuck sakes.  Watch some Family Guy or Robot Chicken.  Don’t even pretend you don’t secretly love those shows.  OMG, how about kitties, or puppies, or kitties that plays with puppies?  How fucking cute is that! Yes, how could I curse? I don’t think there are many young kids that read my articles, nor have not heard or seen these words before.

If you’re reading this when I posted it, then I am currently on a mental break.  I decided I need to connect with nature.  But not in a dirty way, I am not walking around naked with leaves-in-my-hair way. In a way of stepping away from technology, from disasters, from responsibly. Just quiet, slow, peaceful nature. This has been an intense year of natural disasters, economic ruin, and plain old what the hell kinda year.

So hang in their my fellow citizens, I have not lost my mind, just parked in the garage for a little rest.

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  1. October 17, 2011 19:48 Reply

    Love this! It really brings home the point that you don’t need to obsess about the worst, just be prepared and enjoy life while doing so.
    PS…I don’t want to eat brains nor have mine eaten either 🙂

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