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So why would I write an article on the Magna Carta in today’s age?  Why bother, when in our modern time people don’t even know who the vice president is?  I do it for one simple reason, because it is important to remember.  This document was born from the minds of men who demanded freedom.  Once it was introduced and word spread the idea could not be killed. It is the idea, and always the idea that must not be forgotten.  The idea that humans have essential rights.  We have the right to be our own man or woman.  The right to live without the fear from our leaders.  The more of us that remember the importance of freedom, the harder it is for dictatorships to thrive.  The other reality is that we live on a planet that is very, very violet.  There will come a day when we are hit with a supervolcanoe, comet, mega solar flares and pandemic just to name a few.  This could rip apart our society, and it is vital we rebuild it with the Spirit of freedom in mind. I hope you enjoy my mini history lesson of the Magna Carta.


The Magna Carta was created in 1215 because the noblemen of England were feed up with the abuses of King John.  These rights were most likely not meant for the poorest people, but they were a step in the right direction.  King of John must have been in a bad way to sign over power to the nobleman.


“The Magna Carta was a collection of 37 English laws – some copied, some recollected, some old and some new. The Magna Carta demonstrated that the power of the king could be limited by a written grant”


Because this is not a soap opera or a Hollywood movie, this did not change overnight.  There were good ol’ backstabbing, lies, and broken promises.  But in the end, it was a vital document that inspired our forefathers when creating our great documents.


Why the Magna Carta was important to the History of America
A document signed by an English King in 1215! Why the Magna Carta was important to the history of America? The Magna Carta is considered the founding document of English liberties and hence American liberties. The influence of Magna Carta can be seen in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Article 21 from the Declaration of Rights in the Maryland Constitution of 1776 reads:


“That no freeman ought to be taken, or imprisoned, or disseized of his freehold, liberties, or privileges, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, or deprived of his life, liberty, or property, but by the judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.” 


The original text was in Latin, and very few copies have survived.  Below is a few of the 63 sections of text.  This information was used from the Official government site.  Where you see *** with my name is my take on the writ.  I am also responsible for all words highlighted:

[9] The city of London is to have all its ancient liberties and customs. Moreover we wish and grant that all other cities and boroughs and vills and the barons of the Cinque Ports and all ports are to have all their liberties and free customs.


21] No sheriff or bailiff of ours or of anyone else is to take anyone’s horses or carts to make carriage, unless he renders the payment customarily due, namely for a two-horse cart ten pence per day, and for a three-horse cart fourteen pence per day. No demesne cart belonging to any churchman or knight or any other lady (sic) is to be taken by our bailiffs, nor will we or our bailiffs or anyone else take someone else’s timber for a castle or any other of our business save by the will of he to whom the timber belongs.


25] There is to be a single measure for wine throughout our realm, and a single measure for ale, and a single measure for Corn, that is to say the London quarter, and a single breadth for dyed cloth, russets, and haberjects, that is to say two yards within the lists. And it shall be the same for weights as for measures.

***Hell Ya, don’t be trying to rob me of beer.  J.Bradbury


[28] No bailiff is henceforth to put any man on his open law or on oath simply by virtue of his spoken word, without reliable witnesses being produced for the same.

*** No more behind the closed door confessions.  J.Bradbury


29] No freeman is to be taken or imprisoned or disseised of his free tenement or of his liberties or free customs, or outlawed or exiled or in any way ruined, nor will we go against such a man or send against him save by lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land. To no-one will we sell or deny of delay right or justice.

***Kinda sounds like a right to a speedy trail. J.Bradbury


[30] All merchants, unless they have been previously and publicly forbidden, are to have safe and secure conduct in leaving and coming to England and in staying and going through England both by land and by water to buy and to sell, without any evil exactions, according to the ancient and right customs, save in time of war, and if they should be from a land at war against us and be found in our land at the beginning of the war, they are to be attached without damage to their bodies or goods until it is established by us or our chief justiciar in what way the merchants of our land are treated who at such a time are found in the land that is at war with us, and if our merchants are safe there, the other merchants are to be safe in our land.

*** Are you shitting me, 1215 they demanded that people are not killed without some sort of trail or explaining themselves first.  Did President Obama read the Magna Carta or did he skip school that day. For the few that don’t know what I am talking about, President Obama signed into law that American citizens on American soil can be killed without the right to a trial.  Change you can believe in.


We, holding these aforesaid gifts and grants to be right and welcome, conceed and confirm them for ourselves and our heirs and by the terms of the present (letters) renew them, wishing and granting for ourselves and our heirs that the aforesaid charter is to be firmly and inviably observed in all and each of its articles in perpetuity, including any articles contained in the same charter which by chance have not to date been observed. In testimony of which we have had made these our letters patent. Witnessed by Edward our son, at Westminster on the twelfth day of October in the twenty-fifth year of our reign. (Chancery warranty by John of) Stowe. 

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  1. Laura
    July 07, 2012 00:13 Reply

    Thanks for the history lesson! Which law are you referring to that Obama signed regarding American citizens can be killed without the right to a trial?

    • admin
      July 07, 2012 03:30 Reply

      Thank you. My statement comes from the fact that the President signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act. The following is a quote from Forbes mag.
      “There is some controversy on this point, in part because the law as written is entirely too vague. But whether or not the law will be used to indefinitely detain US citizens domestically, it is written to allow the detention of US citizens abroad as well as foreigners without trial.”

      Although this does not mean automatic excution for the accused, without a public trial we can not know fate of held persons and it is still breaking with Constitution.

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