NEW YORK: Travel, Protests and Music

2014-12-02 19.11.22

Last week I was in New York City for personal reasons, I had the opportunity to stay there for a week. In today’s podcast I wanted to go over my experiences, lessons learned, and of course the protest.

Before the trip:

pack for the weather

phone numbers


For the Love of God, don’t tell the whole world

how is the drinking water– portable filter.

The Clever Survivalist


amazon app store .


I have an article about sit. awareness in airports

New York, you can tram and subway into the city


I was confused as hell- didn’t study the map.

New York layout.

Hollywood vs my impressions.

the crowds

Rockefeller vs Bryant park

The truth about Situational awareness


How I heard

they can sneak up on you.

listen to a live recording of protest

Now for the tourist stuff

Central Park

I understand the new york references now

empire state building know the weather-dusk best

Broadway–tks and the source

Macy Santa 🙂

New York Library

Julliard School of Music

Ground Zero and the Ahole award

statue of Liberty

Helpful links 

Free Events-

Juilliard School


How to Connect with me

Tsu –– like facebook, but better

Instagram or

McFrontalot Disaster song

P.S:  The Columbia jacket and fleece were great.  The jacket was lightweight, but did excellent against the rain. The same goes for the shoes and backpack.


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