Positive Mindset for Winter



Today’s topic will be keeping positive through a time that is usually depressive for millions of Americans. It will focus on three articles based of the website Psychotronics. Please share with those you think it may help.

First Homemade ideas

Elderberry syrup

Survival bracelets

Vanilla Extract

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7 Ways to Rewire Your Brain For Powerful Life Changes


Know that your brain can be changed

Neuroplasticity’ is an actual medical term that refers to the brain’s amazing ability to form new neural connections throughout life. That’s right – your brain can literally grow through your own conscious efforts.


7 Practicalaly possible tips to Become more Positive

2. Express gratitude for everything good in your life.

It’s very important to realize the power of being grateful for what you have. Typically, it’s very easy to focus on what is going wrong instead of what is going right. Research shows, again and again, that people who practice gratitude on a daily basis are healthier, happier, and more effective.


Psychological ways to support someone who are in depression

3. Help them help themselves.

Show them that there are a wealth of options for people suffering from depression, from support groups to psychiatrists to counselors. Do some specific research make a list of phone numbers, email addresses, websites. With depression comes a serious lack of motivation, so make it as easy as possible for your loved one to seek help.


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Disaster by MC Frontalot

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