Quality Time

I have failed my family and friends.  Sure, I created a website and filled it with resources, but how many of my family and friends visit my site?  Hell, one of my best friends didn’t even know I had a website. Are the ones closest to me any more prepared for emergencies? My gut answer is no.

Now, I can sit and feel sorry for myself or I can take action.
I pledge to you, my readers, that I will change that.  I am going to meet with my family and friends to go over preparedness.  To help them create, or at least think about, a plan.  To help them understand the importance of setting aside food, water and money for a “rainy day.”  To let them know if they are lost and confused about preparedness, just ask for help.  I will give them support.  Sometimes, we just need a guide through an unknown path.

My goals are simple and direct. All I ask for I one hour of quality time. In that time have them think about what they will do in different situations.  We will over go ideas on how to set aside food, water, money and supplies. I will finish up by explaining the importance of sticking with this and staying focused.  And remind them I am a phone call away (unless I am sleeping, then don’t bother me 🙂

They may not listen or they may shake their head in agreement just to be nice. But I can walk away knowing that if the “Monkey ever throws the poo at the fan” it did not come to them without warning.

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  1. Laura
    March 23, 2012 19:52 Reply

    I just talked to my parents about how we would get in touch with each other if there was an emergency and we couldn’t use the phone. I’m going to look into walkie talkies. We’re under 5 miles away from each other. I think that might work!

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