Shake it up and Slam it down

Today I will talk about California’s issue of an earthquake warning for October 2016.  First, a little about predictions.  Followed by what you can do to become safer. I will give some resources to help you out.

Predicting Earthquakes:

This is not such an easy answer.  If you ask mainstream scientists, they will most likely tell you that it is close to impossible to give an accurate date of when a quake will happen. California’s Office Of Emergency Services only gave one out recently based off a swarm.  And what the newspapers don’t tell you is that they only gave it a .03 to 1% chance at that.  But that is not sexy for the newspapers, is it.

Now, there are those that believe that outsides influences can increase the chance of earthquakes, but they are still studying those factors.  I would recommend looking up Suspicious Observes on YouTube for his videos on the subject.


What Do I Do?

 Now this is the question to ask yourself.  Because earthquakes can strike at any moment.  First you prepare your house or apartment.


  • Is there anything in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom that could fall over and cause injury or death? Do you have shelves above your head in the bedroom?  Could my t.v fall on my small child?  What about your bookcases?  In the resources area, there are some ideas for you.  I do NOT endorse these products! I only give suggestions.
  • Take part in Drop, Cover and Hold this October 20th.
  • Sign up for Community Emergency Response Team. Ask your local fire department about it.
  • Make sure you have 3 gallons of water per person per day.
  • Make sure you have an out of state contact. And a local meeting place in case of an earthquake.
  • Know where you gas line is and how to turn it off.



What you could buy

Tool to turn off gas and water

Bucket of preparedness for you

Water is Life, and you need to make it safe

Strap it down


Get Your Family Plan Today


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