Snap shot: Just Breathe

You’re having “one of those days”, the kind of day when it would have been better to stay in bed, turn off the phone and blissfully hideaway from the world.  But you didn’t, there are kids to feed, and money to make.  You fight traffic to get to a job, where you do the work of three people for a boss that doesn’t appreciate you.

Or it is much simpler than that and you just need a moment to release some stress in your life.

So what happens when the adrenaline kicks in? In the simplest of terms, the blood starts flowing. The important factor is that the blood leaves the brain, and you tap into a more primal thinking.  And you lose the ability to make strong calculated decisions.

Our society is being overrun with stimuli. The flight or fight reaction is being tapped into way too often.  This is where the importance of using a breathing technique to combat the adrenaline and regain are ability to think again comes into play.

I am going to share with you a breathing technique I use on a regular basis. Whenever you are stressed and can find a minute or two try it out.

Breathe in through your nose for a count of three. Hold for a count of three. Breathe out of your mouth for the count of three, and pause for the count of three.  Repeat as needed.

This is a breathing technique I use most often, and I find it helps a tremendous amount. This helps me from anything from the aspects in Security to driving in traffic around town.

If times does not permit and you only have a moment.  Just take in a deep slow breathe in your nose from your diaphragm, hold and breathe out slowly.

Stress is a danger to your body and mind. In everyday life or an emergency do your best to find some time to relax and regain yourself.

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