Team of 12 for PreparePDX

Hello my Friends,

I have been running my website for two years now. It’s been fun and I enjoy passing along important preparedness information. Now I feel it’s time to take it to the next level, in order to strengthen my ability to give you more information in these trying times. There is only one problem. I simply cannot do it alone. I need your help. I am looking for 12 volunteers. I just need 12 people who want to be part of something really unique and very exciting. 12 souls that struggle with how they can make the world a little better place, but just need a platform.

Help be the voice of PreparePDX. With your help, we can build a community of informed & self sufficient citizens.

This offer is open until December 15th.

12 Members for PreparePDX


Cover the subjects that preppers are looking for. This can range from the full topics found below. You have the widest range of topics.

Wild foods/Herbal:

What are the edible plants of the Northwest? Who are the top teachers and books in the area? You understand the power of the Dandelion!


Gardening is a topic close to my heart. Growing your own food is an excellent step torwards self resilience.


This is the new wave of growing food and gaining our independence from power companies. Are you a champion of Permaculture and wish to share your knowledge with others?

Self defense:

Every human has right to defend themselves and their family. Help teach people self awareness, pressure points and other self defense topics.


Help new people through the buying of guns. What are the best types of knives for hunting, wood crafting and defense?


In the past you would cover topics such as: fluoride in city water, GMO in the valley, and cutting edge news for Oregon.


Community Emergency Response Team You will expand on each topic that is covered in the course.


You are a student or teacher of survival. You enjoy talking about building a fire, tacking an animal or making the best of what the world has offered us all.

Food preservation:

When it comes to saving food you are the go to person. Bath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, pickling, and ones most of us don’t know about.

Do It Yourself:

People call you MacGyver, because whatever is around you, you can make something cool from it.


You are unique to the group. You won’t be posting articles per say, but keeping the training calendar up to date. But much more than that, you have created the best calendar in the Northwest! Thanks to your efforts more and more people are taking vital classes for becoming more prepared.

Extra: Social Media

Do you know your way around the social media world? I need someone I can trust to post comments under preparePDX. This will include increasing my Facebook and Google traffic and tweeting on hot topics. This person will be the hardest to find, but very important to increasing my presence on the web.

The requirements are simple:  You must live in Oregon or Washington State.  You must be doing the activity you are signing up for.  I am not looking for experts, but those that have the spirit of action.  Are you a student of survival school?  Is gardening a major part of your life?  Are you part of a group that fits in the field above?

Why should you?

You are the type of person who has studied, listened and watched as our world has changed and continues to change.  You see the opportunity to become a part of something bigger.  You want to help, but you’re not sure how?  This is your how.

  • You’re welcome to promote your business or blog in your post
  • Be the first to have access to my contacts, seeds, other bonuses that come along the way.
  • With a team, We can have the number 1 website in the northwest for preparedness!

What am I asking of you?

  • 12 articles, videos or podcasts.  One per month. 
  • They must be original, not posted anywhere else on the web. You may site other works, be sure to give credit where credit is due.  

Please send me an email with the following information:

  • First name
  • What topic you wish to cover
  • What experience do you have
  • What state do you live in

If you want to talk further about this opportunity, write me an email and we’ll connect.

You can email the information at

P.S:  If you have concerns, please email me, so we can talk it over.

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