Thank You!

August 1st is the official one year mark for PreparePDX. I have never enjoyed “tooting my own horn.”  When I was in the Coast Guard, I quickly realized that talking about my accomplishments twice a year was the only way to get the highest marks.  So, twice a year I allowed myself to shamelessly boast about my accomplishments.

Also, listing out what I have done, helps me understand what I still need to do. It is clear to me that I need more focus on posting articles.  I still prefer quality vs. quantity.

Past Accomplishments

42:  written Posts

55:  Videos on the website

56 and counting uploaded videos on YouTube.

462 posts on Facebook!!  That comes out to about 8 posts per week.  

Special Thank you

Thanks to Sara out in Arizona for setting up the website free on charge!!  Give hugs to Lenny, let him know I miss him 🙂

Thank you to guest writer Karen Wolfgang, who wrote two great articles.  I am hoping I can sweet talk her in to writing more posts.

I have to thank my buddy Nate for designing a wonderful, kickass Phoenix for the website.

A big THANKS to Leslie for creating a video specifically for the website, she did an outstanding job!

Items I am happy with

Joining the blackout to protest SOPA.

Getting the word out about three Expo I was aware off.

Donating to the Resilience PDX Expo, to help the organization absorb some of the costs.

Writing a guest post for Prepare + Surive Expo.

Words of Support

I would like to thank Laura K., Leslie, Decline and Peggy for being kind enough to leave a comment on the website.

Special thanks to Peggy for her support, “right out of the gate.”

Thanks to everyone how has commented on facebook and shared a link.

How did I do on my two main goals?

One goal was to be the best website for training information.  I have to say that my website is the best at providing numerous training opportunities for the Portland area.

To have guest writers that could bring different perspectives. I am grateful for my two guests, but I know I can do better.  I will push for more interview posts.

What is in store for you my readers?

I will try to get over my shyness and create some videos.

I might delve into a podcast or two and see how it suits me.

I want to make myself open to meet with people for coffee or beer.

I need to work on posting on a more regular schedule.

My last thank you goes to my editor in chief aka future wife.  This website could NOT operate without her support.  She brings great ideas to the table and helps me focus on the future. 

P.S:  To those who have been wondering what the Latin phrases mean, here you go:




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3 Leave a Reply to Laura K

  1. August 02, 2012 14:20 Reply

    This is definitely an accomplishment worth mentioning. We do what we do to help ourselves stay focused, current, and continue learning about the world of prepping, hopefully at the same time sharing it with others through education and example. We definitely need to get together for a cup of coffee!

    • admin
      August 03, 2012 02:06 Reply

      Thank you for your support. I think in October when things settle down for me, I’ll come up for some coffee and make a road trip out of it.

      Congratulations on your upcoming one year mark! I encourage my readers to swing by and check out his website.

  2. Laura K
    August 03, 2012 22:57 Reply

    You’re doing a fabulous job! Thank you for providing such thoughtful posts and links to excellent videos.

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