The Elements of Life

Earth:  Mother Nature has provided for man for thousands of years.  In times of great distress and the shelves are empty don’t despair.  There are other ways to eat and find water.  It’s true that if you are in a city it becomes much more difficult to survive, but don’t give up hope.  Research now about the plants in your area. There are bugs everywhere to be found. Pine needles steeped in hot in water can make a nutritious tea.  If you live out in the country I don’t want to hear you whine at all.  Make the effort, find the resources.

Wind:  Wind has sent men around the world and back again. Wind is the reason behind ocean currents and storm systems. We utilize wind today in the form of wind turbines that create energy for us. There are ways out there to harness it on a simple scale to create electrify. Click here for a good starting point.

Fire:  Fire, good. Me like fire.  In times of great struggle you will need to know how to create, maintain and move fire. Don’t get stuck thinking the only way you could start a fire is with matches or a lighter.  You need to at least watch videos on how to make it from nothing. Fire will purify your water, and cook your food.   There are creative ways on how to make a fire. One is how to make a fire from a car battery.

Air: This element is more psychological than physical.  We all know we need air to breath. But do you fully realize the power of breath.  Breathing in the right fashion can reduce stress, calm the mind, and allow you to focus.  Learn breathing styles now when there is not a disaster upon you.

Water: I love water so much I had the Japanese symbol tattooed on my wrist when I was 21. Water is the giver of life, and without it you would soon die. If you live in the city, you’d best know how to find, store and clean it. I would highly recommend if you live in the city to buy at least one rain barrel, it’s not necessarily used for drinking water unless it is purified but it’s a start. In fact, anywhere outside of your home, purify Your Water.

Click here for a great starting point from living off the grid.

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    Very good information. Lucky me I reach on your web site by accident, I bookmarked it.

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    Thank you for your support. My friend in Arizonia created the website. The format is from Word Press, and the idea of the layout comes from

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    Hi dude! Where can I get additional websites about this?

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      If you are looking for emergency prepardness info, check out my favorite section and information overload. If you are looking for alt. energy websites, I am still searching them out. If you come across a good one, email at

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