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You are on this page for a very specific reasons. You want to become more resilient in life.  Where do you start, there seems to be a virtual flood of information out there about preparedness.  First off, I think it is important to realize that preparedness is a marathon, and not a sprint.  And it should be a marathon you enjoy. That is my I have spent half my life interested in emergency preparedness, and the last four years expanding that to sustainability.  The stronger you and your family are, the lest you are dependent on others. Below are topic we can talk over to get you started on this path.  We can’t cover them all, so I advise you to think about which ones are the most important.  At the end I will send you resources that will help you further on your path to preparedness.

Current specials: This section will be updated as need be. This is where you can find my specials I am running.

 Please call or use the contact form.  Include the items you want to talk about, and three times to connect with you. I prefer Skype, but we can have the session over the phone.

 We will discuss your situation over the course of the hour. After the session I will send you my notes, any recorded information, and additional resources.

 I have chosen to use the honor system, so you will pay AFTER the session is done either by Paypal, debt or check.


Techniques police and fire use to release stress

Changing perspective

Situational awareness

Community Emergency Response Team



Preserving food

Wild food

Different garden style



How will you save water?

Scenarios to think about



Do have a plan A, B, C

Do you have an out of state contact?



What is rate of crime in your neighborhood?

How to safeguard your home through non-force and force.



What is the best type of alternative energy for you?  Please understand, it is not my place to tell you what brand to buy, but what level of alternative energy I would recommend (rocket stove, generator, or nothing at this time)


I also accept barter on a limited bases. Below are a few of the items/services I am looking for:

**I am always open to physical silver**


Business Account

Herbal specialist

rare seeds that grow in climate 7B

Please contact me, if you think there is a possible trade we could do.

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