Ways to Motivate Yourself Forward


Have you ever had one of those days where your energy level is low? Where leaving the house seems like a huge feat. I am not talking about people suffering from depression or feeling sick. Just the kind of day where you want to be a “lump on a log.”

I had that kind of day yesterday. I just went with it and enjoyed the ride  But sometimes you have work, meeting or project to finish. Here are some ways to try and get you moving again.

Rest: The first step is a good night’s rest. For some of us, it is nearly impossible because of work schedules. It’s hard to get motivated on 4 hours of sleep. Stepping away from the gadgets an hour or ½ hour to bed will help.

Water: We are mostly made of water, and we suffer if we don’t drink enough. So, make sure that this is taken care of. I use mint drops or oils to enhance the taste of the water. I bought a filter system (berkey) and the water tastes much better. Use whatever method you need to make sure drinking water is enjoyable and not a difficult.

Exercise: This is a straight forward one for most of us. I tried exercise a couple of days ago to wake up. I did about 25 jumping jacks, and that did the trick. It feels good to get the blood flowing.

Music: Turn of the tunes and go with the flow. I have turned on Pandora music and selected “Red Hot Chile Peppers.” Let the music motivate you.

Smells: I have never tried smells to energize myself. But I could see where it could get you moving once more. The linked article talks about five smells to wake you up. Oranges, peppermint, lemons, eucalyptus, and grapefruit. Click here for a full description

Below are other articles or websites that may help you. I highly recommend Pyschtronics; they have a lot of great information on psychology.

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