We Are the Ones, We Have Been Waiting For!

Stronger community

Running Time: 1 Hour 11 minutes


·Lower your debt. Less debt means more freedom

Teach yourself gardening and your children.

Strengthen your mind and spirit—it’s the best tool you have.

What roll would you play if technology was gone tomorrow? Protector, Healer, Tracker, so on

Get in shape—I struggled with this until I created my garden. Find a buddy, walking group (meetup.com)

Know the benefits of “weeds”. Dandelions, chickweed, so on

Eating Dandelions

Check out my calender for weed classes from John Kallas

Let’s start the ideas:


Connect withPaul Wheaton and create a food system inland of coastal cities.

Get a shipping container inland—store items from the money you made at the food system.

Coastal cities need to talk with the closest city inland.

Guerrilla gardening: best case work the city, worst take your chances with the law.

Wave technology was talked about in the official report.

Geoff Lawton  Greening the Desert

Small Forest Gardens (The Survival Podcast)

Recommended: go to www.thesurvivalpodcast.com, click on permaculture—there is a wealth of info.

 Neighborhood level

Get “Friends of Trees, Cascadia Wild and Independence Gardens PDX together—find a way to get people to create a 3×3 garden in front of the house.

Imagine child walking to school and can pick his/her lunch from the neighborhood.

Why are schools asking the Gov. for food, when they could grow their own. Teach the children.

Push to get schools ready for the quake.—If Portland has money for Fluoride (600,000 a year), then they have funds to make sure schools don’t kill 6 yr children.

Visit the local fire department; ask for a small space to put information. Alternative energy, farming, heating, so on.

Linking with Neighborhood associations in vital for community success

Build your own Generator

 Local Fuel:

Listened to a report where people were opening local fuel stations—nothing connected to big corporations. Does anyone know anything about this?

 New Website:

AfterCascadia.org or CascadiaEffect.org

Place to talk about ideas—–Holding place for info

Must be open to all ideas, not just ones government approves of.

Own a Business:

Not every business is doomed. Restaurants can barter with neighborhood. Silver, chickens, food, money.

Blacksmithing will be back in business. Seamstress will be needed. Trades that are thousands of years will continue. I would pay in food for someone to sing bob Dylan songs.

Please remember for 99.999% human history has been a struggle.

What are you waiting for?

Push Past the Denial

Push past the fear, laziness

Stop waiting for someone else or something else to fix it for you.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

14 Year Old Creates Program To Reduce Waste by 50% At School Events

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

13 Year Old Develops Breakthrough Solar Technology

Thank you to all the Men and Women who put their blood, sweat and tears into the Oregon Resilience Report. You have given us a gift; it is up to the people of the N.W to take care of the rest.

Thank you to Timothy at purebulk.com for encouraging me to start this 8 part series. Let’s get this party started buddy!

Disaster Song by McFrontalot

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