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New Year:  I hope everyone had a safe Holiday.   It’s hard to believe we launched the website in August of 2011, it’s been six months and going fast.

Mid-Week:  I am going to try something different for the midweek. On Tuesday, there will be posts talking about our Constitution. Wednesday will be focused on the mind, and Thursday I will show a disaster movie.

Expo: Prepare and Survive Expo will have their first show in Portland sometime during the month of April. I will have more details to follow in the coming months. If you would like to be a vendor, please contact their website for more information.

Tensions:  The stress between Iran and the West doesn’t seem to be calming down any time soon. If Iran shuts down the strait of Hurmuz, 40% of the World’s oil will be shut off! This will have an immediate impact on oil prices.

Solar Activity:  2012 marks the start of when the solar maximum is supposed to ramp up, with 2013 being the height of activities. During the Solar Maximum there are more solar flares that could cause a disruptive EMP.  Keeping Spaceweather.com on your bookmark may not be a bad idea.

Volcanoes:  You think super volcanoes are bad enough, new evidence is pointing to a “large swath of volcanic rock in Russia called the Siberian Traps” that may have been the trigger for a mass kill off event.

Websites:  I have added the following websites over the last month.  Learn How to Be Prepared, on his site you can find chat room, video feed, and articles. Threat Journal, which I would HIGHLY recommend you get on their newsletter. Sellwood E.P. website is great local website that has good information on how to prepare Neighborhoods for disasters.

Training:  I have added new training.  I have a current training link to Trackers PDX, Oregon Tilth, Red Cross, Clackamas County Safe Communities and Clackamas County Master Gardeners.  If you know of training your fellow citizens will be interested in send me a heads up.

Finance:  In episode number 817, The Real Nature of the Debt Crisis, Jack Spirko from Survival Podcast has once again done an outstanding job explaining the economic situation in a simple to understand fashion My “Information Overload” page under the subtitle of Finance has a lot great information to help you understand what is going on.

Facebook: If you have a minute, jump on over to my Facebook and connect to have a steady stream of information.  I have training, videos, and articles posted almost every day.

Contact: You can reach me at PreparePDX@gmail.com

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