Winter Weather 2014


Lights- Do you have candles, flashlights, LED Lateran

Do you know where they are?


Gas, firewood, propane

Do you rely on stand alone heaters? Make sure they are auto shut off if tipped over, and all space is cleared two feet away.

Quilt blankets over windows to keep heat in.

Good ol’ fashion body heat does a family good.

Alternative energy 

All generators must go outside. Don’t run them 24/7, pick active times

Check fuel supple

check out Steve harris website:


Think about preparing meals now, in case of blackouts.  Soups are always a good option.


Are your facets covered?

Look to the trees for possible limbs or trees that may fall on your house.

If you have a steep driveway, good time to buy salt

tool to shut off water


Keep extra clothes and sleeping bag in your car

Flashlights, pocket warmers, car chains

How is your spare tire?


Study about gardening

check out my interview with Ken at “The Clever”

Use mult-layer clothes

If you ski, know the dangers

Depression runs high during this time, beware and seek to help yourself


Disaster by McFrontalot

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